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Two Things

1) Windows XP SP3 (*official*). Downloading it now, so I really ought to back up everything important sometime soon. The only problem? It's a direct HTTP download. Doesn't exactly seem like the preferred type of distribution for such a thing.

I was also giving consideration to repartitioning and giving Ubuntu a try yesterday night. I mean, Windows is fine and all, and I like it (to an extent), but it's just getting old. Need something new :p

2) Card addressing (mainly directed at kumakehu)...

If you think you can get away with just putting "Karadur" on it, that'd be rather nifty :3 I know the tail I got from Rensis a while back had the return address, well, addressed simply to "Rensis", so it seems that it'd be possible. If not, just let me know, and I'll email you my real name, because I am quite loathe to reveal it in here (even though I technically have once before) :x

Actually, third thing too.

Still no email from Paypal. I originally told the seller that if it hadn't cleared by the end of the week, I'd send him an eCheck, but screw that. If it hasn't cleared by the time I get home from Heart and Stroke tomorrow instead. There's still an even longer wait involved, sure, but I at least want to know that I've more or less taken care of my end of the deal :\

... and (one last) tidbit involving work. If Josh, Josh C., Steve, and the other regular closers have their way, Karen is going to be either gone, or off closes permanently by the end of the week. Namely, they're tired of her attitude. Oh, and something about how Josh was making a joke at the drive through window the other night about selling drugs, and she actually took it quite seriously and in fact told Earl. The good thing about that was that Josh had gotten to him first, and explained things.

Honestly though, next time I see her, I'm going to say one thing: lighten up. Nobody likes working nights (most of the time, at least), so a little bit of fun (and possibly levity) makes the night go by faster. So they have a bunch of stuff planned to "get back" at her tonight, and the coming closes too. Sure, I agree with them partially, but as best as I can tell, they haven't even told her to stop yet...

I do believe that's it for now though :3


It wasn't a matter of me wondering who you are IRL. I just wasn't sure if you were okay getting mail addressed to 'Karadur'. Some furs have family that aren't aware of their interests or LJ and I didn't want to cause any issues for you. 'Karadur' it is then. ^^

BTW - I didn't know that you know Rensis. He is a local fur. ^^
Parents, no, but either my brother or sister should know who exactly it's for :p Assuming, of course, that I don't get to it first~

And I can't particularly say I know him, really. Like I said up there, I just "bought" a tail he had listed on Furbid a little while ago, and yeah :3