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Done half an hour early. Nice :D It could've been better, but I'll start from the beginning.

I got there a couple minutes before 4, so I went to the back, looked at the little deployment thing, and saw that I was on "FC". In other words, Front Cash. Of course, I was expecting that, because I was done at 12, and that would've given me plenty of time to close the dining room, which is the responsibility of whoever's on Front Cash. So anyways, I went back up to the front, put my name on the till that I was to be using, and took the orders of the people who were waiting. The first few weren't bad, but one lady came in, and ordered two Family Packs (15 soft, 5 hard), and a Chicken Gordita :o Her total was around $30.00, so I expected her to hand me $40. No though, out from her wallet comes a hundred-dollar bill :x The markings appeared under the UV light though, so I couldn't say "I can't take this". Strangely enough, after Josh got there, he started counting off the other Front Cash till (there are two), and in it, there were two hundred-dollar bills. One of the old ones, and one of the more common (if even) versions.

After that, the people slowed down, so I wandered around the store for a bit, then decided to go out and restock and clean the dining room, so I filled the hot sauce and such up, swept, then went back into the back again. Earl was there, and he asked me to take out the cardboard and garbage, and he'd cover Front Cash for me. I couldn't very well say "no", as he's the General Manager, so I set about doing that. Once I was finished, and was done taking peoples' orders, I told Earl I'd start working on the dishes, and asked him to give me a shout if anyone else walked up. He ended up taking it upon himself to take those peoples' orders, so I ended up at the back washing dishes for a good half hour. By that time it was about 5:30, and Earl asked me to come up on Front Cash, because he was going to help the people on line.

Josh walked in a half hour after that, without a costume on either, which made me feel better that I wasn't the only one :p Around 6:30, everything died. Seriously. Nobody was in dining room, and the orders from drive through were next to nonexistent, so I went out and tidied up the dining room again, while Josh bagged line, then I started sweeping the floor. About quarter to 8, things picked right back up, and Lisa was on drive through, Josh was on line, and I was on Front Cash. Nobody else was working at the time. Manoah was scheduled to be in at 8, but he didn't arrive 'till 8:30 either. It was busy though. An hour or so later, things died down again, so I went back out to clean up the messes people had left, and it stayed that way 'till around 10. Kevin arrived then, so I asked Josh if I'd be able to go out on my break, and he agreed, so I clocked out, made my food, and went to sit down and eat it. I'd just started into my nachos and cheese, when Josh called out my name. He wanted me to go to the bank for him to get $20, so he could "buy" the American money someone had paid with.

See, if it's not rung in a special way, American money doesn't make any difference. That way, if you have any particular use for American money (like Josh does), then you can take it, and put the same amount back in in Canadian, and nobody will know the difference. So I finished my food, ran across the street to the bank, came back, locked the doors, swept and mopped, phoned home for a ride, and that's where we are right now.


I expected to see more people in costumes though. Shelia, Megan, Amy, and Earl were all dressed up, and Lisa just wore her regular clothes. A couple customers came in wearing costumes, but other than that, hardly what I was expecting. OMG, next year, I will have a costume. First of all, it was rather embarrassing walking in and being the only one not in a costume, but also, it would be like the epitome of everything that is awesome to be able to wear something like what I have in mind to work one day. I'm thinking of something like a mask, hands, feet, and a tail. It'd certainly turn some heads, but God, would it be worth it ^_^

Tomorrow's going to be hell though . I'm in from 9 to close, but Ange is the supper manager, as well as Chris, Steph, and I believe Markie are working as well. Seriously, NOTHING will be done. It's supposed to be me, Kevin, and Glenda closing tomorrow as well, so I'll bet I'm going to be on drive through. Honestly, it's not the closing I have a problem with. It's all the frustration leading up to it. Once the store's closed to customers, you have to clean the place up, and you can leave - that's it.

Oh, and before I forget, Mrs. Gahn came in tonight :D She was our guidance counsellor at CCI. Haven't seen her in ages, so at first it was "Hey, I think I recognize you, but I don't know who you are.", then a couple seconds later, it's "Hey, I know you!"

WTF. The music I'm listening to keeps on cutting in and out. Looks like the next thing I'm going to be buying for this computer is new speakers... So far I've bought more RAM, a new video card, another hard drive, a new mouse, a new keyboard, and a new monitor. Well, that shouldn't be a problem soon enough, which brings me to my next topic.

The other day, an envelope arrived, addressed to my me, and my brother and sister, care of my Mom. It was from the bank, and honestly, I didn't think too much of it at first, because they've sent us countless other things involving our Grandpa's estate that are next to impossible to understand :s This one, however, had a sheet in it with space for my Mom's signature, and it was requested that she mail it back to Canada Trust. Therefore, there are two conclusions to this, of which the true one hasn't been decided yet.

  1. They're just sending us more useless papers, except this time a signature was required on one of them


  2. We're going to be getting our money soon. The last thing we got regarding money back when our Uncle Don died were papers that we had to sign individually and send back. However, the cheques were included in those envelopes. Our signatures were simply required as proof that we'd received them.

I'm obviously hoping the second one is what's happening in this case.

More good news now. Bradygames no longer has their status for their Tales of the Abyss guide set as "This product is not yet available" :o I'm phoning EB Games tomorrow. No guarantees that they'll have received it already, but there's only one way to find out. Therefore, I don't think I'll be going into Heart and Stroke :\ I told Michele I would be in on Wednesday, and I don't really want to go, but I'd feel like an idiot if I didn't.

:D There. I now have one Friend. Rather appropriate, if you ask me, but I don't know whether I'm actually going to join the thing or not yet.

On the topic of Taco Bell though, one thing I forgot to mention earlier: when I walked in, I first looked at the till I wasn't going to be using on Front Cash, as that's the one we have to clock in on, and you wouldn't believe the order I saw: twenty-five (25) beef Chalupas :o Given that you can only fry 7 at a time, and they take 45 seconds to fry, it would've been a rather frustrating order. Thankfully, I wasn't there when whoever ordered it did so.

Anyways, I'm ridiculously bored right now, so here are some random pictures from my My Documents/Misc/Pictures folder:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

A couple of them are fairly large, so you've been warned.

I really should be getting to bed soon. It's 5 in the morning, and even if I don't go to volunteering tomorrow, I'm still going to be tired when I wake up. There is a slight chance that tomorrow night won't be too bad, but it's going to take next to a miracle for that to happen.

As I said earlier, Ange is the supper manager tomorrow, along with three or four other people that never close. Problem? Yes. See, you have to close a fair amount to understand just what goes into it - deckscrubbing, taking down line at the end of the night, washing all the dishes the supper people leave us (not all the time, but most), dealing with the 11:00 and bar rushes, closing dining room, and other such things.

Like, if I'd been working solid day / supper shifts since I started there, I'd think nothing of hardly doing anything for the night people. In closing, however, you get to see just what it's like taking over for the supper people. Sometimes things turn out well. Line's already bagged, the fry dump is done, either there aren't that many dishes at the back, or there are none at all, the floor's deckscrubbed, and such. On the flip side, there are times when you walk in either after or during a rush, and the supper people want to get out of there as quickly as possible. Strangely enough, it seems that managers are more likely to do that, but...

I have no problem with walking in and seeing that the fry dump still needs to be done, and a couple things left to bag on line, and some dishes at the back, but walking in and seeing absolutely nothing done isn't fun.

There was a Friday (I think) a while back, where I started at 5 in the afternoon, and the people on mini didn't even take it down when they were done with it. Hell, a more recent example occurred today. Lisa was on drive through, right? She did something or other to her finger, that magically made it next to impossible for her to wash dishes.

One last thing of interest before I go to bed. I just got to looking around YouTube, and Kevin's posted what he recorded at work the other night. Here we go...

Taco Hell Pilot Episode (Part 1)
Taco Hell Pilot Episode (Part 2)
Taco Hell Pilot Episode (Part 3)

They're rather funny, although personal attacks abound. That probably won't concern anyone that's not in it, but it can't hurt to mention. BTW, I'm "scine01" that posted the comments on the second part ;)

I'm just waiting for the second part to finish downloading, then I'm going to start the third, and go to bed. I'm obviously not going to be heading to Heart and Stroke today, but I do need to get some sleep.

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