Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Miss That Place

On the way home from getting groceries this afternoon, we went over to the Wheels so I could find out exactly where our Christmas party was. Unfortunately, Mom parked at the wrong end of the building, so we had to walk through the entire place (well, probably not quite) just to find where it actually was (Axle Annie's, that is), then go all the way back. As a kid, going there was awesome, for the Wild Zone and arcade, but now not quite so much.

But as for getting groceries, got exactly what I planned to buy, so save for Naomi's last thing (which will involve going to the bank anyways), all that's left is to wrap everything. That's sort of funny too. This has to be the first Christmas (season) that I'm looking forward more to giving everyone else their gifts. It's kind of a nice feeling, actually. Unfortunately, on the flip side of that, I've given absolutely no consideration to what I want :s Feh. Sooner or later they'll figure that they can give me either something game / computer related that I don't already have, or something animal related (specifically big cats <3) and I'll be happy. But this year, I believe I'm getting jeans. Yes.

And while I'm thinking of it, I wonder...

Got a birthday card from Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark, with $5 inside. To be frank, that doesn't seem like so much now, but they've been giving us the same amount each year for as long as I can remember now (sort of like how, when she was still alive, Grandma used to call us and sing "Happy Birthday" :3), so whatever. Do I still say "thanks" though? I suppose I could easily do just that when we see them on Christmas Eve, and it'd be much more proper than just an email...

Anyways, it's 11, and I'm getting bored with Trauma Center, so I might as well have a shower and call it a night. Or morning. I've also been playing Megaman Battle Network 2 some more, so maybe I'll get in a bit of that before actually going to sleep~

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