Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

See if I Ever Email Paypal Again

I'm being made to answer at least 10 questions regarding how my "experience with customer service" went, when all it really was, was being told that the transfer had already cleared, when it indeed had ;_;

So anyways... it's 20 to ten. I might as well just be up for now then. Mom has a Christmas party today too, so I'm getting dropped off a little earlier than normal, but I suppose that's alright with me. All I really care about is going there, eating, talking, whatever else, coming home, sleeping, and most likely going back to a regular night of playing games once I wake up.

I really need to start keeping better track of my change too. Since about back when I got my giant tail from SPark, I've taken to keeping all my change (coins and bills) on my dresser. Anything smaller than a quarter would go into a little box, and the other stuff would be stacked up next to it.

Last night, I got the rest of my money down that I had left from when I had to pay for the customs fees for said tail, and added it all up. In between that stuff, and the stuff on my dresser, I had $63. Two full rolls of quarters, among others.

But then again, depending on how much I have after getting paid during the first week of January, I may or may not buy something I've wanted for quite a while now. Something slightly on the expensive side, may I add. Nothing furry-related, unfortunately (at least directly), but that'll come eventually. Probably when I'm a the point where I can wear such things without feeling embarrassed and constantly worrying that someone's going to make a (rude) comment.

The thing I'm looking at is in Staples' flyer this week, so I suppose there's a chance it is a Christmas-only thing, but what about New Years' sales, or are those all year end type things?

Meh. Might as well get up and dressed, at least.

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