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Faceplate has Arrived :3

I really don't need to make another entry this early in the morning, but meh. Why not?

Like the title says, it finally got here. Considering the order confirmation email was sent on the 8th of October, I think it took quite long enough :s But because that arrived safely, I think I'll be ordering one of these eventually. $202.20 isn't cheap, but that's exactly why I'm not entirely sure yet.

... and Mom's up. Heh. She just knocked on my door upstairs and called my name.

And just as a random thing, this article is amusing. How many files would you have to download, or how large would they have to be to incur an $85,000 bill? I don't blame the guy for saying he's going to fight it, but it still makes me glad I don't have one (a cell phone, that is). But then again, I also more or less refuse to use IM programs (except for special circumstances), so maybe the problem lies with me :s

Anyways, we're going. Yay~