Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Before and After

So yeah. I had planned on going back to bed when I got home this afternoon, but in between "installing" my face plate, going to the bank, and playing some more Trauma Center, it never happened. I'm rather tired right now, obviously, but I'm only up here to wrap Christmas presents, so we'll have to see how I feel afterwards.

The Christmas party wasn't bad, outside of getting more gift certificates for Cinema 6, which I honestly have no use for right now. If I didn't feel so bad about it, I'd give them to either Mom or Dad, and Michele / Lynn would never have to know about it, but I really can't bring myself to. Besides, the only movie that's out right now that looks remotely interesting is "The Golden Compass", but that's only for the guy with the snow leopard daemon so meh :x

I've still got two movies on my laptop here to watch ("Zeitgeist" and another one), so I'll worry about those first :p

And next week is the last it (Heart and Stroke) is open 'till the New Year, so it'll be nice having a couple weeks off without having to worry about feeling guilty about not going for whatever reason.


So... PSP faceplate. Was quite irritating to install properly. One of the little guide things on the square button was too big, so I ended up having to use the original button, as well as the down button continues to sort of stick so you have to press it harder than normal in order for it to work. I've already adjusted it three times though, so that's plenty for now. And just because it's very necessary, a picture :3 The problem still remains of what Josh is going to say (provided he closes) tomorrow night, but if he sees fit to complain about it, good for him. He'll just have to find something else to do.

But as for the main reason I'm up here... as I already said, gift wrapping:


Hence the title~

Yes, I am teh suck at wrapping ;_;

And for what it's worth, this is what I got for Adam. The payment is supposed to be clearing this coming Wednesday, so it obviously won't be here 'till the New Year, but I'm pretty sure he'll like it anyways.

This laying on my floor is getting really uncomfortable though, and I really don't feel like going back downstairs right now, but I might as well at least put Dad's digital camera and tape back~

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