Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
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There's another item I won on eBay earlier this week (the one I talked about cutting it close with), that I just looked at the shipping status page for. It "started" in Edmonton, Alberta, with the status listed as "Item accepted and entered into sortation plant". I don't know where they got the idea to make up "sortation" from but meh.

Now it's listed as the same thing, except in Mississauga. Does anyone else see the problem?

But regardless, I figure it should be here by Monday or Tuesday, which is good enough for me. Need something to add a bit of excitement to the week :3

Otherwise though, I'm bored. Played Trauma Center some more a bit, and started to play through the operations again as Valerie (I beat the game last night), but once you know what's coming, it really takes all the fun out of it :\

Also figured out what to do on Aquaria, so I'm definitely going to buy that game as soon as my transfer to Paypal clears.

On another note though, the people at work waste no time. As soon as Mom and Dad got back from picking Adam up from work this afternoon (only minutes after I woke up, coincidentally), she said that Taco Bell had called, and wanted me to come in early. If I'd known sooner, I might have. After all, I did just have four days off, and three is usually plenty. But oh well. I'm sure I'll get an earful about it when I go in. Absolutely no idea who the closers tonight are either, but my main concerns are checking the schedule to see if I have Christmas Eve off (it's a Monday, so there's a good chance I will), and I also want to see if Karen's still there. I'd hate to see her get fired over something as simple as a squabble between her and Josh (I know she's done other things too, but I don't think they've talked to her about them yet), but at the same time, if it did happen (and he works), it'll be amusing to hear what he has to say.

Maybe Michelle closes. That'd be fun.

All the snow outside is going to make for a nice night too <3

But with that, I really should go get my uniform on.

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