Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Going to be a Nice Day

Not for everyone, of course, but yeah.

Looking at the sky out there, and how red it is, then checking The Weather Network's site and seeing the warning of a major winter storm is awesome :3

Anyways though, I work Christmas Eve, which sort of sucks, but the store closes at 7, and I'll probably be able to get a ride home, so it might work out after all. Have Boxing Day off (thankfully), and I believe New Years' Day too, but I don't care so much about that.

I really shouldn't even be down here right now, considering how tired I was getting earlier tonight, but I'll finish writing this, then I have to put my laundry in the dryer, then I'll probably go to bed.

Michelle was supposed to close tonight, but never showed up due to the weather, and Karen went home at midnight because she wasn't feeling well again, leaving Steve, Cindy, and me to close. Cindy still doesn't really know what to do after the store's closed and she has all the dishes done, which ended up being rather frustrating tonight, what with getting the floor swept and mopped while Steve counted off her till, and she just stood there reading some paper someone left.

Tomorrow night it's Josh and I to close, with Steve 'till 2 (so closing, really), which should be alright.

As for other things, well, I really don't know :s I'm trying to think of at least one other thing, but I can't. Maybe I simply want to go to sleep that badly. Why not~

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