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I Should be at Work Right Now...

... but no. As soon as I woke up this afternoon, I was told my shift had been canceled, and went into the kitchen to find a note saying the same thing. Apparently it's because of all the snow out there. I'd like to say it works for me, but given that I just had four days off, I really need whatever shifts they give me. That is, if I want to get paid a decent amount.

Pretty boring day again though. Was finally getting somewhere on Aquaria earlier, but I'm at the end of the demo now :\ Here's hoping my transfer clears on the proper day this time. The way things are looking right now, I'll have ~$50 left over afterwards, part of which is going to be used for more paid account time here, because it's up on the 6th, I believe :p

It's looking to be a long night too. Adam has tomorrow off, so he can stay up as long as he wants, which wouldn't be so bad if he had the slightest idea of how loud he has the volume on his 360. I've told him to turn it down once already, but his reason for not doing so is that he has surround sound, and it's "supposed to be loud".

I think for the time being though, I'm just going to take my laptop and games back upstairs and work on cleaning up my closet. Just somewhere where I can be alone, but still able to go back downstairs or do something outside of my room after he goes to bed. Was sort of hoping that thing I'm expecting in the mail would arrive today too, but the delivery date's currently set at the 19th, so... there's an incredibly slight chance, I suppose, but with all this snow, I doubt it. Meh.

... might as well head up then~