Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Showed up Anyways

Got an email from Canada Post about an hour ago now to say the item had been delivered successfully and all that, so I went downstairs, and there was indeed a box sitting on the printer. It's sort of funny to think that last night, I'd at first decided I would stay up to see if someone dropped it off in the morning, but then remembered what the delivery date was, and decided not to :p

That's one less thing to worry about, although there are still at least four things left on my list :s Adam's gift being one, along with my tail from Lionel, second order from a certain source, and something else from eBay. Said thing still has to be paid for, which is why I'm anxiously awaiting getting an email from Paypal today, but if it's anything like last week, it won't be 'till tomorrow night, after I've already left for work that the transfer actually clears :\

Closet got cleaned out exactly as planned last night, but it took me four hours, and two large black bags full of garbage to complete :x I still have to get either the vacuum or carpet cleaner up here sometime today to clean up my floor too, because it's really a mess now.

Amusingly enough, behind a couple boxes, I found $10 worth of movie gift certificates. Yes, the same kind I got at Heart and Stroke's Christmas party only a couple days ago. I can't really tell the date they were purchased, unfortunately, but I think the numbers on the back(s) say more than enough:

Old: 191940
New: 203724

I'd give them to Adam, but there's a little note on them that says "Valid up to a year from purchase" (or something like that), and I don't know if they can tell the date from the numbers or not :\ Meh. I will anyways, and if he runs into problems, then I'll explain things :p

Don't think I'm going to be getting back to sleep now though, so I might as well get up and start playing Super Mario Galaxy again or something.

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