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Some Nights...

I just wish I could fall asleep and not have dreams. There's at least one a month (night, that is) where they end up being absolutely awful, and I can't forget them even after I wake up. Then again, given that I'm pretty sure you need to have at least some REM sleep to wake up feeling refreshed, and that's the stage dreams occur in, it really wouldn't turn out well, but still.

There were three I can remember having last night.

One came about because of something I did shortly before going to bed, closely followed by two more that were more or less one dream, but still broken up by what felt like only a couple seconds of nothing. The first one was by far the worst, because it goes back to all the stuff I've written before when I was in a bad mood, but to think about it right now, it was a dream, and obviously in no way real, but why did I dream about it in the first place if it's something I dislike so much? Ugh.

I hope I can get a good night's sleep before Christmas. Haven't been able to in three or four days now, for reasons such as that it still felt too hot in my room, despite having my fan going and window open, then yesterday, what with that thing I was expecting in the mail arriving, and otherwise just not feeling tired enough after waking up once.

Have to go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow though, for one last time 'till the New Year, so maybe the waking up early and coming home afterwards and going back to bed for another couple hours will help.

But otherwise this afternoon, Mom and Naomi are wrapping presents, and Adam and Dad are off at work. I really should bring mine down sometime soon, but I'd still like to keep them a surprise, so probably on Sunday night. Unless of course I get a ride home on Monday, and have enough time alone before everyone else gets back from that Carols by Candlelight thing at the church. I did last year, but then, my house key was locked in the house :p

I think it's just going to be more Aquaria for now though. Last saved at the prince's room in Mithalas (I think that was the name), after getting the blue circle thing. Couldn't figure out what to do before I went to sleep, but maybe I can now~~

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