Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Wish I Knew What I did Differently

Just came home as usual, then watched / played a bit of Guitar Hero III because Josh wanted to try it, then he went home, so I went upstairs, did a couple more puzzles in Mario's Picross on my PSP, then went to sleep, about 4:10 or so. Despite not actually getting to sleep 'till an hour after that, I had a much better sleep when compared to last night's, even though it was shorter.

Speaking of which, he didn't have much to say about my new faceplate last night, except for a little blurb about "Why couldn't you just keep the old one, instead of getting some almost gay shag carpet thing", and "I got rid of my leopard print stuff..." Just told him that there were only a couple on the site (which is sort of true), prompting him to jump to the conclusion that I'd used Dad's credit card to buy it or something :s And yes, Josh, you might have, but I, on the other hand, had none to begin with and want some now :3

Getting back to the sleeping thing though, had a couple more dreams that thankfully weren't near as annoying as the ones I had last night were. The only one I can remember though involved Naomi trying to convince me to transfer ownership of my LJ here to her (and by that, I'm not saying she has one (at least I hope not), but she was). Almost had me convinced, but after what felt like half an hour later, it hadn't gone anywhere, and I realized I could never do such a thing.

And as for tonight, here's hoping Michelle shows up. It's Cindy and I closing otherwise. Josh wants to somehow work on getting his co-op achievements on Guitar Hero II on Thursday as well, so he'd better hope he was planning to come here from the beginning. For one thing, I only have Thursday off, so I'm not going to his house and spend my night off there. For another thing, there's much more room in the dining room here too.

I suppose I should be leaving though. I figure at least two or three weeks off, but I'm sure I'll find out sometime this afternoon~

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