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I am too Tired to Think of a Title

First of all, what I wrote about in my previous entry. The furries he knew of here were Zaz, whom I already know, and Lady Ozzlynn. Once again, interesting. I really wish he'd get back to me though. I'd much rather do whatever with him, because he's already been over here once, and before that, we worked together, so we know each other. Feh. Not to say that it wouldn't be nice to at least meet Lady Ozzlynn, but, well... maybe it can be a New Years' resolution type thing.

As for work, it sucked, because even though Michelle showed up, she was sick, and thus wasn't in the best of moods most of the night. That and we were busy too, but if last time was any indication, once we start handing out coupons again, it's going to get even worse.
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But anyways, Here's hoping my most recent pay hadn't been deposited to my account yet when I went to the bank tonight. Michelle and Cindy said they were going out for a smoke, so I decided to run across the street to get Mom gas money. Opted to have a receipt printed out, so I could check my balance, and found that it was quite a bit lower than I'd hoped. $5,775 or something like that. I'm going to blame part of it on Christmas shopping, and the other part on having deleted the thing I was keeping track of my spending in, in favor of starting a new one, well, next year.

If this turns out to work properly, it'll definitely help too. I don't have any DVD-R's readily available though, but I noticed some sitting on the shelf in the TV room the other night, that, provided they get left there again, I may just have to take one of.

Keeping on the money subject, that eCheck transfer cleared earlier tonight, so hopefully the item gets shipped out before Christmas.

Also have to head to the bank sometime this morning (preferably), but other than that, I'm going to try to see to it that that's all the spending money I do 'till next time I get paid (save for possibly getting something special on New Years' Eve).

Otherwise, I'm just looking forward to getting to sleep.

And guess what? I'm just going upstairs now. The bank's open 'till 8 tonight, so I'll have plenty of time to go later this afternoon. I don't even feel like finishing this entry, but I might as well post what I've got. Blah.

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