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There's Got to be Some Sort of Link

Continuing with what I talked about earlier on this morning, searching for Lady Ozzlynn's email address with Google gives her DeviantART as a first result. Her favorite artist is listed as Seth Tunks, AKA FriedCanine, who lives here in Chatham too. Dan Skunk thinks her and Zaz might be together too, because she said something to the effect of her mate being a raccoon, and looking at his profile here spells it out pretty clearly, but last I knew, his girlfriend's name was Kelly :\

But today has been interesting otherwise, to say the least. Got to sleep around 7, which sucked in terms of getting a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep, but was otherwise absolutely awesome, for the dreams I had about various things that are on my mind right now. The timing of them was incredibly precise too though. I'd sleep for an hour, give or take a couple minutes, wake up for only a few seconds, turn to face the other way in bed, then fall back asleep for another hour. From ~7:30 straight through 'till ~4:30 :3 However, I can only remember one of them, in which I was looking around on eBay for leopard print sheets, and found a snow leopard pattern one that was being sold by another fur(ry), and that's it. Oh, and Mark (as in the guy that used to be a manager at Taco Bell) was involved in another one *shrug*

... I really hope Adam goes to bed soon. Not only is the peace and quiet going to be nice, but I also want to bring my giant tail down here again <3

That'll be it for now though, because I started writing this, then found this list, which is distractingly interesting :p