Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

How Time Flies

Woke up at 5, came downstairs, replied to the emails I got from Lionel and Zaz, played Aquaria for a bit, and it's already 7.

But yeah. The way things are looking right now, my tail should be shipped out sometime next week. She said Monday originally, but given that it's Christmas Eve day, I can't see many places being open. I'm extremely tempted to ask for a picture before it goes out, but on one hand, if I don't, it'll be all that much better taking it out of the box, but if I do, it'll save me the suspense of what it actually looks like :p I mean, I have a general idea, because I had to tell her what I wanted in the first place, but I really can't picture what the actual tail would look like.

No sign of your card yet either, kumakehu, but hopefully sometime before the New Year :3

And as for Zaz, found out that he didn't know Lady Ozzlynn. Well, that she was a furry, at least. Apparently she lives just down the street from Seth, but that's about the only thing he said that I didn't already know from reading what she specified on the Toronto Furry site. It's just... going to the furmeet in London doesn't seem that viable an option anymore (at least right now), but to get the few furs in this city together and go to see a movie or something sounds like it'd be fun. Normally I'd try to distance myself as much as possible from the thought of setting up such a thing, but this time, it's different.

Aquaria's progressing at an extremely slow pace, mainly because I don't know where to go, and every time I find a new area, I either die before I can find a save crystal, or it ends up being a dead-end :\ I've seen lots of little cracks that I can't swim through normally though, so maybe I'm supposed to find some sort of shrinking power / spell.

Also, work tonight. Josh, Josh C., Steve, and me to close. With Michelle there 'till 3 (or possibly earlier if Josh decides we don't need her) too. I already told Steve yesterday night that I'd be on drive through, because line is getting to be absolutely irritating. Just on the condition that I don't have to do the dishes. I was busy washing them for two solid hours last night, although when you have the choice of either doing them yourself, or letting someone else do them that's decidedly slower (not meant in a mean way), the choice is pretty obvious.

Oh, and that's interesting. According to Mom, we won't be opening our presents on Christmas 'till around 2 in the afternoon. Might as well just be a regular night for me then. Stay up late, sneak the presents I have in my room downstairs, go to bed whenever I get tired, and try to wake up for 2.

And lastly, iAKTOS didn't work after all. Naomi let me have one of her DVD-Rs, which burned without any problems, but upon booting from it, I get a Kernel Panic no matter what I do. So maybe that'll be my major purchase for next year. A (cheap) Macbook, preferably with Leopard on it.

Mom wants something printed out before I leave for work though, so I might as well do that~

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