Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Five *More* Hours

Spent cleaning my room. It's mostly done now though :s Found several little tags I plan on using for the presents I have up there, but other than that, alot of stuff got thrown out. I had things on my top shelf from up to 10 years ago. Mostly just old school work and stuff like that, but it's amazing just how long some of it had been sitting there. All very dusty too, so it's a good thing I plan on having a shower before I go to bed :p

But yeah. Christmas Eve tomorrow. Once again, amazing how quickly it crept up. Mainly looking forward to going to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's, because that's literally one day of the year we go over there. And next year, I actually have the day off. Or at least I should. They got a new book for days off at work, and I looked at December of next year the other night. Four people had already written their names down, and only the first 5 are guaranteed to have it off. So that and Boxing Day, but I've got that off this year too, so meh.

Speaking of work, I feel sort of bad about what happened last night. While I was taking an order, Steve told me we were almost out of chili. Said order had two chili cheese burrito combos. He repeated himself three times, growing increasingly more frustrated (or so the tone of his voice seemed to indicate), but I couldn't say anything, because I was still taking the order. Finally, he said something like "He's not listening". Took the headset off, and shouted at him "Could you please ask someone to make more then?" Then after we closed, Josh came over to play Guitar Hero III some more, and I asked him if Steve had anything to say then. Apparently he was pissed, because he thinks he's not a very good manager if he can't get his crew to listen to him. Point taken, but he was far from... "innocent" as well.

I'm alot more tired than I thought I'd be though, so it looks like I'll be getting to bed early yet again. Or at least getting up in my room before I normally do...

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