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Exactly 70%

The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Expert, with the Hyperspeed cheat set at 3. I suppose that's decent enough, but I still can't see how you're supposed to strum that fast at the beginning.

And yeah. Just checked the mail box. Mom and Dad got several more Christmas cards, but still nothing for me ;_; Looked in the recycling bin earlier too, and could find nothing, although I suppose I should look in the one in the basement as well. Still, I find it highly unlikely that it would've got thrown out. Feh. Originally I was thinking it'd follow the same sort of delivery "schedule" as the packages I've been getting, but I have my doubts now :\

Anyways, work this afternoon. 4 to 7. Yes, a three hour shift. Really worth my time, considering that's the absolute minimum you can work on any given shift anyways :s Not in a rush to get home tonight either, because I'll probably be staying up as late as usual, and thus will have plenty of time to bring my stuff down.

Getting a sore throat too (or at least it feels that way), which is / was a wonderful start to the week.

Might as well get changed though~