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Today had to be one of the better days I had in the recent past. My alarm clock woke me up at 11:30, but I set it a half hour ahead, so it'd go off at 12. I usually like to have an hour or so before I have to go to volunteering, in which to do whatever I want. So it went off at 12 again, and at that time, I really didn't want to get out of bed. I was too tired, it was nice and cozy and warm in there, and it was snowing outside, so yeah. I ended up eventually relenting, and setting my alarm clock ahead to 2, and went back to sleep. A little bit later, I heard a knocking on my door, which woke me up. It was my Mom, wondering if I wanted a ride to volunteering. Good thing that happened, because if it didn't, I'd've stayed asleep.

Got to Heart and Stroke around 1, and Michele was talking with someone in her office, so I sat down at the PRISM computer and started fiddling around with the command prompt. She finished up her meeting, then started showing the person she was talking with the work she was going to have them do. Something about the database I made up last time I was in. I told her she could delete the first entry, as it was just a test to make sure everything worked, and she said that she already did, and that it gave everyone a laugh :) I posted the picture a few entries ago, so look back if you wonder what I'm talking about. A couple changes had to be made to the thing though. First of all, I had to change the input mask for the phone number field to include the area code, then after I did that, it started giving us more problems about the data being larger than the default value of the field or something, so I ended up just changing the field type to "text", and that solved it. That took about a half hour to figure out (I was certain there was something wrong with the input mask itself the first time), and once it was done, she gave me a sheet that she wanted me to remake on the computer, so that she could simply type the information in as opposed to having to write it by hand.

That took another half hour, or close to it. Once that was done, I went back to shred all the receipt copies that the other volunteer was working off of. I jammed the machine two times :s

After that was finished, I started looking around the Heart and Stroke website for quiz questions. See, for whatever reason, it's either encouraged (or enforced, I don't know which) that the Area Administrator quiz the volunteers each month, on stuff that can be found on the website, or in the volunteer binder, etc. All the ones that were done up already were exhausted (we powered through them one day, with everyone crowding around my computer, while I was going to the various sites and such :p

I did up about three months worth so far, at six questions each. I ended up putting my own personal comments in some of the questions (and answers), so it's going to be interesting hearing what Michele thinks of them. Let's just say one included the word "Stokometergraphomachine", which, by the way, Firefox insists is spelled incorrectly ;) Another one had to do with "what happened to the other 30% of something or other". The answer's quite simple if you think outside of the box, but for the answer right now, I put "Don't look at me~~" :)

I'm just thankful I didn't have to do data cleansing, because that would've been the most tedious four hours ever. Especially seeing as I'm going through all the records of people with last names beginning in "v". There's well over a thousand, and I'm only 26 or so in :o

Overall, the volunteering portion of today was satisfying, if only because I got things done.

My Mom came to pick me up at 4, and we went out to get groceries. We stopped by the bank on the way, so now I'm more or less paid up for another month. Minus gas money, of course. Interestingly enough, my Mom brought along $150 for groceries. I told her that's more than enough for what we get, but from what she said, when Naomi goes with her, she just throws things into the cart without even asking first. Thus, you can see why the total would be so much. Today, with me and her, the total was under a hundred dollars. Yeah. Not being greedy like a certain someone helps.

We also stopped by EB Games, so I could check if they had the Tales of the Abyss guide in yet, and there were two guys working there that I've never seen before. According to them, it *will* be there tomorrow, but I have my reservations about whether they actually knew what they were talking about or not. It'd be nice if it is, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

On the way back, I was informed that although we were invited, we didn't have to go out for supper. I don't know what brought it on, but we had a small family reunion of about 10 people at Kelseys, which went not too badly. All the time I was eating my food though, I couldn't help but think "What happened to trying to lose weight?" I know one meal isn't going to affect it that much, but one is all it takes. The service was slow as anything, I must say. We got there at 6:30. When we left, it was 8.

I came back here, played some StepMania and did other things on the computer 'till 10 to 9, then had to leave for work. Walked into line not bagged, a minimal amount of dishes at the back, fry dump done, and dining room a tidy mess. Not bad, I guess. Sarah was at the back, and she told me I was on DT (drive through). I wasn't pleased when I heard that, because I was hoping that since I'd been on it last night, someone different would be on it tonight, but no. One thing that really helped was the following though:

Before the schedule for this week even went up, I was mentally planning to be closing from Wednesday to Saturday. On Thursday, I was given a night shift. Well, a partial night shift, really. Whoever made the schedule put me in for 9-1, which I found to be quite surprising. I ended up actually telling Glenda "Well, if you need me to stay to close, that's fine. I'm used to closing on Thursdays anyways. If it comes to it, where it's 1 and everything's done though, it'd be nice to be able to leave." Let's just say that as I type this, they're probably just beginning to actually close the store. Yeah, I got to leave early :D No surprise, considering, I guess. We were dead. Seriously, we'd get a small rush (4 or 5 cars) every half hour or so, but other than that, dishes were done, line was bagged, the floor was deckscrubbed... everything!

I even ended up cleaning the main fryer earlier in the night, which brings about another point of interest. When I finished, Amy said she'd fill it back up again, and then said something else about how she really liked that I was able to do it in hardly any time, while Shelia takes an hour or over. It's not the best of things to do there, but it's still incredibly easy. All you have to do is drain the grease, take the two washable items out (a tray of sorts and a black thing that catches any items that get down to the bottom of the fryer), then scoop out all the nasty stuff in the bottom, spray a boatload of degreaser over the whole thing, scrub it, run water over it, wipe it down, and fill it back up. I used to take close to an hour doing that, when I thought that it had to be shiny clean, but I realize that's not the case now.

I ended up making myself something as well. I got a 10 1/2 tortilla, put some chicken on it, then nacho cheese, sour cream, and three cheese. Then I wrapped it up like we do for the Grilled Stuft Burritos, and grilled it for 15 seconds. Tasty with a side of sour cream, even though it wouldn't fit in the @*#% side of dish.

Right now, I'm going to predict that tomorrow night's going to be bad. Ange is the closing manager (oh hell no), and me, Kevin, Manoah, and Steph are also working. I'm considering calling in sick just because of that :\ Heck, if I can work up the nerve, I think I will. I've been due for a "sick day" for quite some time now. If I do go in, I'll, in all probability get stuck on drive through again, so yeah.

Anyways, in other news, redownloading Unreal Tournament 2004 seems to have worked. I wanted to play that game ever since I got a new video card for this computer, but it'd always give some error whenever I tried to launch it. Right now, I'm downloading Half-Life 2 as well :D I really need to find out what's taking so much space on this hard drive though. There's like ~2GB of free space left. If I could find somewhere to buy the things that go inside your computer to hold more hard drives (the name escapes me), I'd get another one, but I obviously can't right now.

Oh, that brings me to another topic. During the conversation at Kelseys tonight, my Dad brought up his laptop, shortly after which Naomi asked how much it cost. I said something about "She wants one because she thinks it'll let her surf the internet." She responded to that by saying something about "I'm going to be paying for it as well, so there'll be nothing you can do about it." Fine Naomi. Buy a laptop. You'd better hope it's got a wireless network card (I don't see why it wouldn't, but she wouldn't know to check to make sure), as well as you'd better hope that you can guess our wireless network's SSID and WEP key. Even if Dad forces me to connect it for her, there's always the possibility that this computer here will suddenly become a bandwidth hog >:D

Hell, as I said already, I plan on buying a laptop myself, for reasons I already specified, but that's for my own personal use. Mostly to do stuff I can't do safely down here. She wants one simply to be able to surf the internet. Hands up if you know who's going to waste $2000. Oh well. It's her money, and she's carefree enough with how she spends what she "acquires" right now. Imagine what it'll be like when she's looking at a number with three zeros.

For now though, I'm off to play some more Unreal Tournament, but not before visiting the toilet. I've got my fingers crossed about getting the TotA guide tomorrow, as well as actually calling in sick and getting away with it, so you'll have to wait for now to see how things turn out.

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