Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Christmas Gifts

Adam got a sweet blanket with tigers on it ;_; I, so far, got nothing animal-related. Just how did this mistake get made? Perhaps next year, I'll have to allude to it a bit more clearly. For example, last Christmas, when I sent Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark a thank-you for what they got me, I said something about "Remember those cashews you got me before? They were awesome", and what'd they get me this year? Cashews. But then again, we're also most likely going out to Walmart on Boxing Day, so perhaps then I'll have to look around for something I like. I do have all six of those fur throws up in my room though, so I shouldn't be complaining, but it's just... it's the thought that counts, right...?

But for what it's worth, a box of stuff, consisting of a bunch of chocolate candy, a can of some sort of drink, and a bag of chips, followed by a pair of jeans that I still have to try on to see if they fit, and yet another joke book. This'll have to be one of the few disadvantages to keeping to oneself throughout most of the rest of the year. Feh. I still have to open the stuff in my stocking, but I... don't exactly have my fingers crossed :s

Not to say I don't like what I got, but I was hoping for other things. Perhaps next year, or even after I get some of the stuff I'm waiting for in the mail (list is currently at 9 items, only one of which is not for me). I'm sure I could buy more stuff that I want, but that tends to get rather expensive quickly :p

As best as I can tell, everyone liked what I gave them. Adam wants to wait and see what he gets, which makes my searching around for a decent-sized picture last night rather a waste of time. Oh well. That's his own choice, I suppose. Mom and Dad were extremely... "thankful" for their gifts, but it's nice to see the thought (at least on the part of Dad's gift) pay off.

Oh, and I can also expect pictures of my tail from Lionel sometime tomorrow, so perhaps I'll post one of them in here~

For now though, I'll probably end up heading upstairs again to see what's in my stocking. I know one of the things that's in there right now, but not much else...


* A box of Hot Tamales candy
* Mini "Air Heads" candy
* Chocolate letter "B" (maybe next year I should ask for a "K" too :3)
* Socks
* Box of 16 P.C. (President's Choice) Hazelnut chocolates
* Mini Sour Peach Rings
* Mint Mentos
* Reese Peanut Butter Crunch bar
* Mini Toblerone bar
* "Simply Sudoku" book (have no interest in the game, will probably give to Adam (now "Simply Picross", maybe :p))
* Some weird cup that I'll probably end up giving away (I'll take a picture of it later to show what I mean)
* Bag of Werther's Originals candies

Does anyone else notice a recurring theme in that list? Yes, food, or candy, to be more specific. I have enough up in my room here that it could easily last me 'till the summer. I have very little appetite for any sort of candy anymore, which has been a good thing so far. Keeps me from eating as much, and I can honestly say I've been starting to notice a bit of a difference.

But I asked Mom where she got that tiger blanket for Adam, and she said Giant Tiger (how appropriate), but she's not sure if they have any more. Regardless, I plan on going there tomorrow (assuming they're open) to check.

I've got a big pile of wrapping paper to clean up now though, then afterwards, I'm going to see about combining some of this candy into a bowl of some sort, just so it's not all over the place :s

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