Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Suppose This is a Change

Continuing with the whole cleaning my room thing, I moved the table at the head of my bed to the other end, then pushed the whole bed as far up against the wall as it could go. It's going to make it incredibly awkward for Dad to get in and out of his room, should he need to again, but I like it. Ever since I got the bed, it's been in the same position, so it's about time it got moved somewhere else :p

But yeah. So ends another Christmas. We're supposed to be heading over to Giant Tiger (at least) at noon or so, which is ridiculous (in terms of sleep), and after looking in their flyer, it appears those blankets aren't as great as I thought they were (judging by the price anyways). Mom said she might end up buying one for me though, because I only got two "big" presents (that "Laughter is the Best Medicine" book, and the jeans), and I'm not about to tell her no. Was hoping to go to Walmart as well, but nobody else wants to, so feh. Maybe they'll decide to come along after all, but I doubt it. Need to call Taco Bell as well to see when I work next. I'm pretty sure 8 to close on Friday night, but...

I'm also more or less certain that I am getting sick, because I have that telltale taste in my throat when I cough of... well, I'm really not sure, but I know I recognize it.

The main thing for now though: while cleaning the table in the corner of my room, I found something that I had to write for Grade 11 English in High School. A continuation of a play we'd read. As long as you can understand my writing (or printing, really), you can read it here :3

I'm sure I could've easily just typed it up and posted the text file, but that would've taken significantly longer, as well as there's something to be said for pen on paper, for a difference~

And while I'm uploading pictures, I'm sure this just happens to be a coincidence, but I like to think otherwise (and yes, I realize that's rather pathetic)~~

This entry really isn't going anywhere though, so that'll be it 'till tomorrow.

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