Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Recall Being Scheduled to Work on Thursday

But apparently I do. 8 to close. Wonderful. I suppose that means I'm going to *have* to finish cleaning my room tonight, but all that's really left is tidying everything up on my floor (clothes, mostly) and running the carpet cleaner over it, as well as going through the top two drawers of my dresser to throw some stuff out. I still have a binder in there of Pokémon cards. Literally full. Then there's other random stuff such as a lightswitch cover I could, but most likely won't use, along with a bunch of old floppy disks, and other such "wonders".

Then grocery shopping tomorrow at 4, but I'm looking forward to that, just to see if they still have any after-Christmas deals. Today didn't go too badly, considering we went from EB Games to Walmart to Real Canadian Superstore to Little Caesars to Shoppers and finally back home :s Picked up a nifty leopard pillowcase (or "sham" as the package said) along with a red one that's going to take some getting used to (there was one more that I plan on picking up tomorrow if it's still there), and a pack of 4 AA batteries, for my wireless mouse. Cost me ~$21 in all, but I don't think I'm going to get around to using the last couple dollars :s

And also, as promised, got a picture of my tail from Lionel today, which I think there's only one problem with right now, but I've yet to receive a reply back to tell me if I was seeing things the right way or not. For the sake of simplicity though, you can see it here. The email with the attachment actually said "Now THATS a tail .. long enough for ya!". I haven't the heart to say "Sure, but..." :p

It's supposed to be going out "first thing" tomorrow, which still might happen provided that third ring gets put on in time, but what's one more day waiting, with what I've had so far?

Dad also wanted me to find another copy of "The Point" for some friend of his, but not feeling like actually bidding for it, showed him the DVDs, and he likes those.

But if I'm going to do more cleaning, I might as well get up there now. Maybe I can get it done and still have some time left to come downstairs~

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