Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Still no Card ;_;

The only mail-related thing that I can actually tell has changed is the status on one of the packages I'm waiting for now being "Into Foreign Customs", which means that if I'm lucky, it'll be here tomorrow. Oh, and Lionel also let me know that my tail will be sent out just as soon as the third black ring on it dries, which is just what I was hoping / expected to hear. Meh.

I don't particularly know why I'm up this early (technically it's only two hours before when I planned to get out of bed, but still), but a little peace and quiet is always nice.

Not feeling quite well today either, for coughing an awful lot, and having this feeling of something stuck in my throat. Unfortunately, that's hardly something that's going to see me calling in sick to work, and I did just have two days off, so I'm ready for at least one more shift. Especially seeing as I think the order won't be coming in tonight. Last week, they got one consisting of an amazing 1000 pieces, which sounds like it'd last us at least a week. Probably 'till after New Years', but we'll have to see.

Oh, and funny little thing that happened yesterday. Adam bought himself a PSP Slim. Mine's still sitting up on my shelf, mostly due to incompatibility with the old PSP remote (for headphones), and also because I can't load half the homebrew that work(s/ed) fine on my old one. But anyways, the reason he bought one was because the sound is "shot" on his old PSP. Nothing plays at all. While down in the basement yesterday night, I happened to notice it, and turned it on, to find that he was right. No sound plays at all. But then after having a dream about it (seriously), I wonder what would happen if you used headphones?

And that's all barring that he gave it to Dad to fix, even though he probably doesn't even know how to take it apart. But anyways, after seeing the way he treats his new PSP (dropping it on the floor, namely), it's no surprise his old one broke. I might have to grab it some night coming, and see if I can't figure out what the problem is and fix it. I know where the speakers are inside the thing, but not much more than that right now.

Well actually, why not right now? Nothing better to do with my time~

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