Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Hand Feels Like It's on Fire

Was cleaning out hot line at work tonight, and, thanks to being frustrated and thus scrubbing the bars a bit too hard, plunged my hand into the 100 something degree water. Only for a moment, but it hurts now. It started off feeling fine, then went to being pleasantly warm, and now you'd be hard pressed to get me to put it anywhere near a source of heat.

As for why I was frustrated, well, let's just say Ange was the closing manager. Michelle was supposed to be there 'till at least 4 too, but something else came up that required her needing to go home early :\ And what's even better, it's Steve, Ange, and I to close tomorrow night. If I didn't have such a hard time doing it, I'd call in sick, because, to repeat myself yet again, I do not like closing with her.

Oh, and Shelia's also going to be gone for a good portion of 2008 for personal reasons, which means Josh is now doing the employees' schedule. I think Earl is still in charge of the managers' one, but that's their own problem. So he was going over that tonight, figuring out who could work when and all that. The only thing(s) I heard regarding my shifts are that I have five, and at least one of them is with Karen. Not much out of the ordinary there, but I suppose that's a good thing.

Still looking forward to New Years Day, mostly because we're having more company than I thought we were at first, and also because it's the next day I have off :p Although Josh plans on stopping by after work so I can downgrade his PSP (apparently the browser's broken on 3.10 OE-A), and also to have me show him how to "install" games and all that. Really stuff he could just as easily figure out himself, but meh. I don't mind :3 He also discovered a way to get the speakers to work (plug the headphones in only halfway or so), and he's quite certain that the problem is being caused by stuff stuck on the jack, and wants to take it apart again to see :x It's his choice, sure, but there are quite some lengths you have to go to to even get that far into the PSP....

Actually figured out what to do in Aquaria when he came over to pick it up as well, and I beat the boss, but now I can't figure out where to go :s The new form you get seems to be largely useless, save for the warps you can take, but I'm sure there's more to it than I'm seeing right now.

Anyways though, I think I'm going to just head upstairs once again. There are several things I'd like to do up there, but not one thing down here in the living room :s

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