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New Years Type Entry

What a wonderful start, too. It's snowing out <3

Tonight was fairly boring though. Got done at work around 10:10, came home, did some stuff on my laptop, played Guitar Hero III, went up into my room for a bit, and that brings us up to present. Adam went out with Josh, at very least, and came home somewhat drunk, but meh. I really don't care what they do when they're together, as long as they don't try to bring me into it (and for example "Why don't you drink? You're 23 years old now, and you *need* to!" Yes, such emphasis was placed on the "need". I will when and if I want to. Simple as that.

Negative things aside, work was interesting too. Had a couple of our closers call in sick (psshh), but aside from a small supper rush, it wasn't busy at all. Had time to sit down in the dining room and everything, and while we were out there, heard something interesting regarding Shelia and drive through. Apparently she can't serve more than three customers without starting to shake (visibly, or so she said), and without a drastic change in attitude as well (as in, she gets angry with everyone). Huh. The first night I walked in and was told by Josh that I'd be on it by myself, I felt like handing the headset back and saying "You're going to have to find someone else", but I didn't. What, aside from being the AGM makes her so special that Mike apparently told everyone that she can't do it? *sigh*

But like I said in my previous entry, she's going to be gone for the first half of 2008, so it's a bit late to start fussing about that now.

And since it's New Years, resolutions, I suppose. Standard stuff, really (save enough money so I have at least $10,000 in my bank account, lose weight, etc.), and also more specific things like getting the whole being a furry thing out in the open, because in that case, there's at least one other person in this house that knows what furries are, and has seen my tails, and it's just a matter of finding some way to establish the link. Anthrocon is a nice thought too, but it's obviously not going to happen right now as well as that the whole worry of... "not fitting in" still gets to me. Oh, and a more short term goal would be to get John Zaz over here at least one night sometime soon to just hang out and play videogames or whatever. Josh is pretty much a lost cause if whatever you have planned doesn't interest him, and yeah.

Oh, and also at work, umm... well, let's just say my thumbs feel like they're burning now. We had a lot of steak left when I started taking down hot line, so I put it in a bus bin, and stuck it up under the heat lamps. Then I did the same with the beef, only on top of the other bin. Next time I went to grab it, there were two molten blobs of plastic dripping down the sides, and the lid was melted right through in some spots :s The bin itself was fine, and Shelia didn't really seem to care about it, but yeah.

Anyways, company later on this afternoon (probably shortly after I get up :p), but until I get tired enough to go to sleep, more Guitar Hero III. Up to a couple days ago, I was wondering if playing the same songs over and over was really helping, but I think it is. Very slowly, but until Josh gets the game and we can play it online, just by myself will have to do :3

And of course, Happy New Year~

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