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At Least Six More Things

I suppose I shouldn't be so impatient, considering Adam's Lego and something else arrived this week, but still. I just received an email yesterday to say that the money order I sent out for an item on eBay has made it there safely, and that the item will be sent out by their "next shipment". Then there's two other things from there right now (three if this seller ever relists an item I wanted), followed by my tail from Lionel, that (late) holiday card from kumakehu, and one more thing that I talked about wanting to get a long while back (not that projector).

I never got around to telling Dad not to throw any mail out, but I do plan on giving him his money for this pay when I see him (hopefully later this morning), and maybe I can also ask if he threw anything else out :p

And work tonight. Josh, Steve, me. Oh fun. But compared to last night where it was the same, only with Steve being done at midnight, it's a little bit better. I can safely say right now that I'll be staying past 3, even though that's when I'm scheduled to be done, but I already warned Josh that I would be leaving early on Saturday, most likely, and he "doesn't care about that". Meh.

If you haven't already noticed either, as the tone of this entry might indicate, today has been extremely boring so far, once again. I downloaded a whole bunch of levels for Knytt Stories last night, but apparently they have to be installed one at a time, and I don't feel like going through all of them right now.

Oh, but also an idea that was running through my head tonight. Remember that snow leopard head I found on Furbid and posted a link to a while ago? I wonder what Lionel would say if I showed her the picture and asked if she could make one of them... The biggest problem I have with that is that then there'd be two of the same head out there. I want to have something that I can say is specific to me. So that and the money :s I'm not sure how much she'd charge for such a thing, but if the auction price was any hint, I really don't want to pay that much unless I'm sure I'll like it.

But I'm sure my laundry's done drying by now, so I might as well go grab that...

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