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^ sarcasm.

Dad was still up when I came home, and asked me to help him get his printer working (all he had to do was plug in the USB cable :s), but also asked me if everything was alright, because he and Mom have supposedly noticed a big change in how I've been acting lately.

Really? The only significant change I know of right now is that I've been finding it really hard to get a good sleep lately. I have a theory that says that might be fixable by staying up 'till I get really tired, then going to sleep, but the only problem there is that I don't know how long that'd take. I don't want to stay up past 8, because I probably wouldn't get enough sleep. Well, that and that I always wake up around 2 in the afternoon having to go to the bathroom, but that's another story :p

My only problem with talking to them more and such is that they tend to make a big deal out of everything. Yeah, sure, they're allowed to have their fun, but please don't do it at my expense. I would probably tell them about general day-to-day stuff if they could just be a little more... "normal" about it.

For now, I just like keeping to myself. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Putting that aside though, I actually can't wait to go to work tomorrow. Ange closes. I fully intend to leave at 3, regardless of what shape the store's in. Maybe she'll actually do some work for the close instead of just barking orders at everyone else. This won't be the first time I've said it, but while I realize that she's a manager and therefore I'm supposed to listen to her, she needs to start showing that she'll do her part, and I'm not talking about the paperwork. From a completely objective standpoint, she's doing a fine job, but could stand to stop yelling at the customers if they so much as irk her. Otherwise, well, I see no need to repeat myself.

So it's quarter after 6 right now, and I'm hoping Adam has to work this morning, because I want to get something from McDonalds :3 I think I'm going to go back to Guitar Hero III in the meantime though. Finally beat Raining Blood in career mode, but I'm not quite ready for the battle song yet :p

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