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Fun Dreams

And by fun I also mean strange, but in this case, they were more the former.

In one, there was someone standing behind me that I couldn't see, but somehow still knew, and we were at the end of a long thin alley, with a bunch of grass in it, a roof overhead, and with paths branching off to the sides every so often. We were talking. About Guitar Hero :p They said something about how a particular song was really difficult, and I, in response, said "Well watch this" (or something similar to that), and proceeded to play the song I talked about beating in my previous entry - Raining Blood. The amusing part of it was that I was actually walking down the alley towards the notes, and the song seemed much shorter than it actually is in the game. When it ended, I turned around and said "See?", and I can't remember what they said after that.

The other one involved a poster for a movie about furries in space. Yes indeed. The only furries in space things I can think of right now are a story on a certain site, and *ahem*... "Rocketship Rodents", but we won't go into that. I was looking over the poster, and I know the caption at the top said something like "How will they get back now...?" Then in the background, there were a bunch of serious-looking people, heads slightly down, eyes closed, wearing ears. Apparently I didn't want to look at the actual name of the movie though, because I folded the bottom of it up in such a way that I couldn't read it, and pushed it aside. And I can also be sure there were actually two posters, but I didn't look at the second one :\

And then there was also one more, that was sort of a lead-in to the one above. I was looking at my LJ here, and was amazed at how many friends I had - easily 50 or so, but at least half of them had a little icon beside their name, that meant they hadn't posted anything new in a while, but then I went to my friends page, and then the one above started.

Still nothing today either (in terms of order number 2), and I really don't want to have to email them again to say "It still hasn't shown up"... Feh. I'll give it 'till the end of next week, I guess.

Otherwise though, might as well go give Mom her gas money, and find something else to do~

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