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Internet Frustrations and Staying the Weekend at Josh's House

This is EXACTLY why I didn't want to leave the computer connected to the internet when I left this weekend. Before that, there were the two pr0n-type addresses in the list, now there's these:

:: nakedgirls.com
:: wetdicks.com
:: freeporn.com
:: sextoys.com
:: sexybitches.com
:: sex.com
:: sexporn.com

ARRRRRRRGH. THEY'RE GOING TO GET OUR INTERNET CUT OFF AGAIN! I'll admit this; it's my fault that we got our internet cut off the first time we had it, 'cause yes, I looked at pr0n. I learned my lesson though. I want to keep the internet connected now, but either Adam or Naomi are making it awfully hard for me. You could say "How do you know it's them?" There's a few reasons:

1) My Mom barely knows how to use the computer at all, and my Dad's just getting the hang of using the internet
2) They've appeared in the address list over the weekend, when I wasn't here
3) They all end in .com
4) Adam came to me telling me they were in the address list **
5) They're extremely generic-sounding addresses

** I suspect him mostly. I think he told me so I wouldn't think he did it. Also, I know neither of them know how to clear the address list, but yet he was concerned enough to look through it

I just installed a keylogger though. In fact, it's probably logged all those addresses I just typed up there :P That can most likely be cleared, I'm sure. It's password protected, and only I know the password. It logs the keystrokes for any user on the computer. It's running in hidden mode, so it can't be seen in the taskbar. If you'd like the address of this wonderful piece of software, head over here. Giant AntiSpyware's detected it as a threat, but that's probably 'cause it is a keylogger.

The final thing I'll say now is: this is the LAST time I stay logged onto the computer when I go away for the weekend. They can access the internet from their accounts, and it'll enable me to see who's on what they shouldn't be.

Anyhow, on a different topic, I did just get back from my short weekend at Josh's house. I'm tempted to start from the end and go back, but I'll do it the other way 'round :)

Yesterday, 4:45 in the afternoon we got in the van and went on our way to London. We arrived there around 5:30 or something. I'd told Josh beforehand that we'd probably be there around 5-6, and at 5:30, we were pretty much late already. Started driving around London trying to find Wonderland St. I don't know how, but we ended up getting out on some almost country road. We could see the lights of houses and such a ways ahead of us, but there was no way to get over there without putting the van through a fence and possibly driving through a river :P So we turned around, but as we did, the headlights hit some old-looking plane, that seemed really out of place there. We turned around, but I could swear there were blue lights all over the ground a ways out from us :o

This is starting to sound like something from a scary book :P We drove around for another half hour or so after that. Current time? 6:30 or so. Eventually my Mom got tired of my Dad driving around randomly, so she suggested we find a phone so we could call Josh's house to at least let him know we were in London. We found a payphone downtown, but as my Dad was walking down the sidewalk to get to it, some bus driver (that strangely wasn't in a bus), informed him that the van couldn't be parked there, or we'd get a $60 fine :-\ Dad said we were lost, so the guy was kind enough to give us directions - not a fine.

The time by then was about 7:00. The directions must not've been too good, 'cause in less than 5 minutes we didn't know where we were going again >_> We did get back on track, and finally found Wonderland St. By that time it was after 9 at night. 3 hours later than I told Josh we'd be there. But, we finally found the house. Yay :D One minor detail - we hadn't eaten since we'd left at 4. My Mom asked Josh if he'd like to go to Great West Beef with us for the buffet, but he'd just finished eating his own supper x_x He decided to come along anyways, so we went to the restaurant. We found out the buffet closed at nine >:(

Then my Mom suggested we head to The Keg, and of course, the waitress, trying to salvage the few potential diners she'd have that late at night told us The Keg didn't have buffet. My Mom's reason of choice for that place: "I like their French Onion Soup" :) Got to the restaurant, and ordered our food. Adam ordered a flippin' $20 steak, fat pig. He obviously doesn't realize that's a bit too much to be spending. Eventually we got done there and went back to Josh's house. Adam, Him, and me went downstairs to play XBOX a bit, while my Dad fixed the broken headlight on the van. After that was done, Adam had to leave, and we got down to Halo 2 co-op. Playing as a Covenant Elite with the Energy Sword = teh fun :D

He popped in the bonus DVD that came with it, and showed me the stuff they didn't put in the game, or took out and all that. Watched a bit of TV after that, before he turned it off. He did so at 3 in the morning :o I didn't think it was that early at all :P He woke me up later on in the morning mumbling something in his sleep about closing and locking a door. I'm waiting for him to come on MSN so I can ask him exactly what that was about.

So his alarm went off at 8 in the morning as planned, and I just layed there for a while, to wake up 'n stuff. It's weird when you wake up from sleeping to realize you're about an hour and a half away from where you'd normally be at :P I got up eventually, rolled up my sleeping bag, and stuffed it back into the bag it came from. Made sure I'd grabbed everything I came with, and went upstairs.

I literally waited there on the kitchen stairs for 2 hours before Dad finally arrived to pick me up. I already knew there was no way I was going to get to the Advanced Class at band practice this morning. Apparently he'd brought Gary (one of his friends) along, so we had to stop by Chapters and pick him up. Then finally we got back on the 401 and started the drive home. I fell asleep probably twice on the way. I don't understand why, but I always fall asleep during a long drive home :P Got back to Chatham around 11:40, but I still managed to get to my Junior Band practice. I got there around 12, so I was late, but not too much. I found out our concert's not on the 15th, but on the 12th. That's a Sunday.

Oooh. I'm mad right now. I just went up and checked my closet door. I keep it locked, but since Naomi stole the key for my closet and I can't get it back if my life depended on it, I took a different route to protecting it. I stuffed a bunch of kleenex in the lock, but, I just went up there, and lo, all the kleenex are strewn about the floor >:( I swear I'm going to find some glue or some other kind of sealant, stuff more kleenex in it, and glue over the lock and inside it. I don't care if I can't get back in that way. Right now I have to resort to taking the screws off the far part of the lock. Needless to say, she's the only one that stayed home yesterday. *@#&$&*@# I want to go punch her face in right now. Yeah, that might sound a little violent, but you come here and live with her for a month and see what you think of her after.

Heh. I'm tired right now. Sitting here typing seems strangely surreal. Definitely looking forward to going to bed earlier than normal tonight :P If only we didn't have to go to church in the morning

In the case that you read this bit Kari, sorry if it seems like I've forgotten about you. I know I haven't talked to you for the last week or so, but I figure you may want a break.

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