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3000 out of 3722 notes on "Through the Fire and the Flames" :p Josh C. and I got to talking about the game at work tonight, and I mentioned that the only part of the song I consistently had trouble with was the intro, and how the name for the section in practice mode was "They're hammer-on's...". Suffice to say, I think I realize how you're supposed to do it. Play the red note at the beginning, then the green, and just hold that button while you play the whole rest of the section. Only problem with that is that if you miss so much as one note, you have to start the hammer-on again...

But yeah. I felt sort of bad leaving tonight because it was a complete mess in there, but I'd done cold line before bar rush started, and taken down as much of hot as possible before I left, so the rest of the mess was their problem. Karen's extremely close to being the next on my list of people I can't stand working with as well. She was steaming for the first part of the night, which went as well as could be expected, but we quickly found out that she doesn't know how to drop, say, a chicken, when she brings one up. And also, as Josh C. so eloquently put it, she tries to put on that she knows everything. I believe a *sigh* is on order :\

So I finally have a day off, which I plan to use the first part of to sleep in. This afternoon, I actually slept from 1 to 4 without waking up in between (which has been happening quite alot lately), so it'll be nice to see if I can go for even longer.

And hopefully this coming week I'll at least get my tail from Lionel, but chances are it won't show up 'till next. Though if the shipping information page on this other thing here is to be believed, I'll be getting something on the 10th too. Something that apparently weighs 16 pounds :s

But with that, I'm off upstairs to get my giant tail, and possibly some candy too. So far the only thing I've finished off were some gumballs. Still a whole lot left to go :x

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