Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"Right Hand of God"

Interesting name for the achievement, but meh. Career Mode on Expert has been beaten :3 Josh stopped by earlier, so instead of just calling it quits after playing a couple songs, I decided to give the last battle a try again. But now what's there to do? Career Mode on the other difficulties? That's one of the disadvantages of going for Expert right from the beginning. Anything... "lesser" seems annoyingly slow and easy. I have been giving some thought to finding somewhere online to get the first one though, so next pay, I'll have to start looking.

While he was here though, Josh also decided to take apart his PSP so he could get at the headphone jack. Disassembly went alright, but he didn't attach the screen properly when putting it back together, leading to me thinking we'd somehow bricked it, but then he went out on the computer in the dining room (well, he went for my laptop first, which I quickly took away), so I took another look at it, and got the screen working. But the speakers still don't :p I do think I know what the specific problem is with it / them, but it involves actually getting right inside the jack, which doesn't seem to be all that possible, given that it's a solid piece of plastic.

And Adam has tomorrow off, which means I probably won't be down here for much longer tonight. Although I rearranged everything in my room again last night, so that my bed is over by the window(s), which is actually quite nice <3 Moved my dresser too though, and there's still quite a bit of dust and little bits of garbage under there, so it looks like I'm still going to have to clean everything off the floor, and run the vacuum over it, because I can't find the carpet cleaner. I just feel like I badly need some sort of change, and my room is about the easiest thing to start with.

I should probably put this pizza in the fridge before too long though...

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