Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Other Problem With the Tail

The seam is, well, clearly visible. Still very much intact, but it looks sort of weird with a big line down the side of it. Yes :s

Got a "GST/HST Credit" check in the mail today, which is going to help a bit, because I took a look for the first Guitar Hero on eBay the other night, and the only ones I could find were going for around $80. Not too bad, I suppose. Also got an email from Paypal today, saying that my transfer has completed, so I bought two copies of the DVD of "The Point" for Dad, bringing my "Needs feedback" count up to 6 :p

But the delivery date on that one item is now back to the 10th again, and according to the tracking site, it's in Mississauga right now, so it might actually be here before the end of the week. That still leaves 5, but meh.

So otherwise... observation: it's amazing how much better I sleep if I don't worry about the time. Went to bed at 8 (for I actually got some food from McDonalds this morning), and slept 'till 3, no interruptions. When I woke up, I took a look at the time, saw that it was 3, and decided to go back to sleep for another couple hours, because my alarm was set for 5. From then 'till about quarter after 4, I woke up every 10 minutes or so, checked the time, so I'd know how much I had left, and went back to sleep.

Maybe I just have to turn my alarm clock to face the wall or something.

And as for Adam's PSP, it appears to charge the battery, but that's it. So I might take the buttons and put them in my PSP Slim (just for a bit of a change), and I think Dad wants the rest to take apart.

Now it's time to go eat supper (quiche), then off to work, with Karen and Michelle. Just as long as I'm not on drive through...

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