Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What a Waste of Money

So I was just sitting here in the living room, bored, and decided I'd take Adam's old PSP upstairs and see about swapping the buttons. Before that though, plugged it in one more time, and the battery charging light came on as usual, so I flipped the power switch just out of spite. It turned on~

And now I've just gone through the same steps I followed yesterday to install custom firmware on it, which went without a hitch. So yes :3 On one hand, I'm tempted to give it back to him just to see the look on his face after he realizes he wasted ~$200, but on the other, well, keep it, of course :p

(for what it's worth, yes, he's still up at this time of the morning. apparently he was over at Rob's for quite a while)

I suppose he could also give it to Josh, but I can't see him doing that :\

Well, sorry. The left trigger button seems to be sticking (or so the racket it made when I tried to put in the WEP key seemed to indicate), but that's the only problem I can see with it so far.

Yay :3 Item status is now "On FedEx vehicle for delivery", in Windsor. Maybe I'll try to go for 9, just to be safe. Dad is up, so I suppose I could say "I'm expecting something in the mail today", but given that it's 16 pounds, I assume the box'll be fairly large, and I want to keep the questions to a minimum :s

Might as well play Guitar Hero III for a bit.

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