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Observations on the Sign at Work

Last time I checked, it said "GET A QUESADILLA TODAY". Maybe there was an exclamation mark in there too, but anyways, that sounds terrible. If it wasn't so overused, I'd have already suggested they change the "get" to "try", or perhaps have "chicken" on one side, and "steak" on the other.

Or going from a different angle, how about "Quesadilla: you may not be able to pronounce it, but try one today!" Unfortunately, that sounds a bit long, and I don't think we have colons or commas for the sign.

It's just... does what the sign is supposed to say come from someone in an office somewhere, or are the manager(s) of their respective stores left to decide what they want it to say themselves?

And having said that, they need to have us start promoting another item that's not grilled, because it's amazing, what sort of things happen when customers come through a half hour before close and learn that the grill is off. Most of the time they'll order something else, or say "Thanks anyways" and drive off, but I clearly recall a couple guys coming through before, while Glenda still worked there, and wanted to know if we had some sort of compensation for the grill being off :s

So I believe the closers tonight are Michelle, Steve, Josh C., and me. Sounds good enough.

Until then though, back to what I was doing before I started typing this~