October 19th, 2006

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I think my PSP headphones are broken :x For starters, the earpiece that's supposed to go in my right ear (well, usually does), actually comes apart, so I can see the two wires and such inside. That happened unintentionally, but now, no sound comes out of that one unless I push the two pieces together in just the right way. It happened at volunteering this afternoon, and my music went from. Blah, boring, and annoying, what with it only being able to be heard in one ear, to glorious full-on whatever-the-hell type music I was listening to sound. Same thing happened at work tonight, although I couldn't fix them, so I'm just going to try to find another pair at EB Games tomorrow. We're going right by it for grocery shopping tomorrow morning, so the timing couldn't be better.

On the topic of work though. It sucked. I was scheduled to be in at 10 tonight, so I figured "ok. pretty much everything should be done by the time I get there", and I figured we'd have a fairly easy night ahead of us. However, when I actually walked in (early, BTW, as I was bored just sitting around here), I noticed that hot line wasn't yet bagged, but thankfully Manoah was working on bagging the pans for it. I walked to the back, and was greeted with about half the dish rack / stand full of dishes :o Just then, someone came in dining room, so Manoah asked me if I'd clock in right away, and make the order. That was at 9:45, or somewhere around there. I was just finishing up and order for drive through, when Gabby, who'd been on it before me, said that she was done, and gave me her headset. First of all, I wasn't pleased because she was trying to unload the thing on me while I was in the middle of making food, and also because I knew that once I put the headset on, I'd be expected to do all the dishes at the back. Yeah. That's what happened.

Thankfully it was pretty dead (I'd say about 15 cars for my whole 10-2 shift), so I managed to get some of them washed. Even with that in mind, it still took me from just after 2 to about 3 minutes before three to finish them. That sucked.

As for why such things happened, it was because Ange was the supper manager. Yeah. Once I noticed that on the handwashing sheet, it all made sense. She knows what she's doing and all that, but she doesn't yet have a good knowledge of the consequences of various actions. Piling the dishes up at the back may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but when you consider that you're screwing over the night people by leaving all the dishes to be washed, it makes you think twice. She needs to learn to stop and think about "what will happen if such and such..." before she does something like that again. Thankfully, she doesn't work at all tomorrow, and I'm still scheduled to be in at 10, but Josh is the closing manager, so lord knows I'll get called in early :p

The low point of the night was simply walking in and seeing everything that still needed to be done though, although I suppose it could've been worse.

Volunteering today was bearable until Michele said something about "I hope we can finish this tomorrow, because it's going to be my ass if it isn't". She was talking about the volunteer flyer that I designed. We had it all finished and everything, and IMO, it looked pretty good, although the inside had nothing to indicate that it was for Heart and Stroke at all. Well, not anything like logos or whatever. Still though, it was nice. However, Janice got to looking it over, and of course, she wanted it changed. Everything's fairly simple to do, but it's just the fact that she'd want things switched after we'd finished it. I did manage to sneak in a bit of internet time just before I left, and I emailed myself the file as me and Michele liked it. :3 NOTE: you have to have either Publisher 2003 (or better), or something else that can view .pub files. I could find something to change it to a PDF, so you people can't mess with the thing, but I can't be arsed to, and by the time you actually look at it, we'll probably already have the newer version finished and delivered.

My other responsibilities today were transferring all sorts of Jump Rope for Heart (some program they do in schools) receipts from the boxes they got delivered in to our archive boxes, which wasn't that hard to do. I also did up a database for something involving Receipts, and finally finished the @*$@$* P2P Receipting. It kept giving me an error whenever I tried to choose anyone's receipt. Well, here's a detailed version of what you have to do, in order to understand it better.

First of all, P2P does not stand for what you might think. It's "Person to (2) Person", or in other words, the Door to Door canvassing that happens in February and months after. What you have to do is log into the database program first (with an extremely insecure username / password, might I add), and click a button on the toolbar, which will bring up a certain window.

From there, you choose the year of the campaign, then the area (Chatham, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, or whatever else), then the zone and area number if necessary. After that, you double-click on one of the list entries, and change the street name and such to suit whatever's on the receipt you're using. Then you click the magnifiying glass button, which brings up a window that allows you to search for the canvasser. Once you find the person you're looking for, you click the "Distribute Receipt" button, then double click one of the fields there, and select the appropriate receipt number from the list. After that, you click "Save", then close the window, then click the "Collect Receipt" button. That brings up a window that allows to to specify the range for used and unused receipts.

For example, there are 25 receipts in a book, so for the sake of argument, our book number will be 454851. In the two fields (Start and End), you'd type 45485101 and 45485125 respectively. Then you enter the amount collected, the bank start and end date (what those are for, I don't know), save, and go on to the next person. It's a tedious process, but not as much as Data Cleansing is. Anyways, the problem I was having today was that after clicking the "Distribute Receipt" button, I'd get an error about receipts not being distrubuted to the area or something.

Eventually we got someone from the Windsor office on the phone, and she helped us solve the problem. One thing she ended up doing was opening the "Run" dialog box, and running some "dblsqic" or something to that effect. From there, she entered a three-character username and password (which were probably both the same thing), and I know it started with D, but I can't remember the rest of it. It opened up some nifty realtime debugger for the database. Sadly though, she closed that before getting off the computer. Bah. I had more fun with the "at" command though, and to my surprise, my text file was still in the System Volume Information folder :D Someone's bound to find it eventually, but it'll take them a while. That I can guarantee.

Anyways, I should be getting to bed soon, because I have to be up for 11 to go grocery shopping, and we all know that I'm going to be up and raring to go after less than 6 hours of sleep :x I don't get it though. Like the first day of the three I had off after last Saturday, I slept in 'till after 6 in the afternoon, and I was still dead tired. It was only around 2 or 3 in the morning that I actually started to feel awake. I know what you're thinking: "your body's not used to being up at that time, because you close so much", but that's not the case. See, most of the time I only sleep 'till around 3 or such, so it's puzzling me.

This is done though. I wanted to rewrite that stuff involving P2P Receipting, because it seems especially cryptic and unorganized, but I'm not even going to bother :s Oh, and as for the music I'm listening to, search for it on google. Listen to "Boten Anna" and "Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota" if you can find them. You might very well be pleasantly surprised :)
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Another Game I want to Get

Preowned headphones. Of all the things I never thought I'd buy :s They were only $10, and they're still in out-of-the-box condition, as far as I can tell. I probably shouldn't have gotten to looking at the games behind the counter though (at EB Games), because now, I have a feeling we'll have to make another trip to the bank and back out there after I'm done at Heart and Stroke. They have Tales of the Abyss :o The reviews I've been reading of it make it sound like an awesome game, and anything'll be better than the unexciting game that was Tales of Legendia. I want something that I can put next to Tales of Symphonia, and say "these two games are the best I've ever played". I'm pretty sure the bank doesn't close 'till 8 tonight, so that'll work out nicely. It's just a matter of convincing my Mom to take me up there again. From where we live, EB Games is about a 10 minute drive away, and it's right on the outskirts of Chatham (it's actually outside of the "CHATHAM" sign), so yeah.

Good God, what the hell am I allergic to in here. I was just sitting in this chair typing this up, and everything was fine, then suddenly, I sneezed all over myself, and then about 10 times after I got upstairs to get some kleenex. Well, it might not actually be an allergy, but it's not the first time it's happened. Several mornings in a row in the past, I'd wake up from a sound sleep sneezing, and it'd take at least 5 minutes for me to stop and get back to sleep. It was annoying at the time, but I thought nothing of it.

Anyways, it's 10 minutes 'till when I have to leave, and I want to put some more music on my PSP (right now I've got several songs by Blue October, the full Okami soundtrack, both of Basshunter's albums, and all but one of My Chemical Romance's songs. Well, that and a bunch of random songs I downloaded that I can't be bothered to stick into any specific group :x

So yeah, this is done for now, and hopefully I do get a chance to up and get Tales of the Abyss later on. Cross your fingers :p

I Could Fall Asleep Back Here

I'm at Heart and Stroke right now, and I've been relocated to the back computer, because I'm working on data cleansing right now (well, I just finished, the U's, actually), and it's enough to put me to sleep. Bah. One more hour to go though, then we're off to the bank, and back out to the Superstore because my Mom forgot to get laundry soap, and I told her there was a game I wanted to get at EB Games as well. Surprising how well things worked out there. It's going to be nice to have a new game to play, because frankly, Okami's getting boring. I'm only on my third playthrough and there's like, nothing left to do. Save filling up the animal tome and fishing and stuff, but that's boring in and of itself. It's a great game the first time through, and the second time is fun as well, because you can get / do everything you missed before, but after that, it's hard to find something to keep you playing it. Oh well.

I just finished up the volunteer flyer earlier, and it looks pretty good as well now, if you ask me. Of course, watch Janice come up with a list of things that she wants changed. The first time around, she didn't like that there wasn't any Heart and Stroke branding on the inside, so now, there's a logo on the front of the flyer, as well as when you open it, there's a second one on the right hand page. Meh. I have no problem designing the things, but some of these changes people want made make absolutely no sense.

It has been a rather uneventful day all around though. I'm too tired to care about anything, and it seems most everyone else is in the same mood. I really don't get it though. Like tonight, here's what'll probably happen before I go to sleep. Work from 10 to 4, and get home (hopefully) around 4 or 4:30. Do whatever on the computer 'till I get bored, then possibly play Tales of the Abyss if it gets hold of my interest that quickly. Go to bed around 5:30-ish, then sleep. I don't have to be in 'till 9 tomorrow, so I'm milking it for all it's worth. If I end up staying in bed until 7 at night, then so be it. Michele's already said I don't have to come in tomorrow, because she won't have anything for me to do, and that's about the only obligation I would've had.

I can't wait 'till Saturday night though. That's the last night I have to work before I have another three days off, so I'm looking forward to it. Problem is though (and I think I mentioned this before), the same thing happened last week, so I went to bed around 8 on Sunday morning, and got out of bed around 6 in the afternoon. That would've given me 10 hours of sleep, which should be more than enough. I can't help but think about what I read a while back: something about how REM sleep is the only stage in which you're sleeping the way you should. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens right now.


Half an hour to go, and I'll be darned if I'm starting another letter, so here's a bit of fun I had with the database I made yesterday:

I don't think anyone's noticed it yet, because if they had, it'd probably be gone by now :s

I'd also put a small button in the upper-right corner of the form, that launched a batch script (can't remember what I had it say now), but I took that out, because it was way too noticeable. I think it said something about "HIDDEN BUTTONZ" though XD God, I've done so much stuff I shouldn't have at this place :) Surfing the web, downloading stuff, *ahem* relocating some items from the storage room (nothing serious - don't look at me like that), and yet I'm still here. It's going on what, 3, 4 years already? Impossible. Time has gone by so fast lately. Pity it can't do the same for the #%(#* time here, because I want to leave. Know what? I think I'll just call for my ride right now. I'm done everything that I'm supposed to, so I'm basically just here for no reason.

Expect something when I get back from work tonight though. It's Thursday, so the order comes, but we just might be out of there before it tonight. We can only hope...