October 28th, 2006

Busy, but not bad on a whole

Meh... That was a decent shift altogether. I thankfully didn't get stuck on drive through, but that could be partially attributed to the fact that I didn't have to be in 'till 10 tonight, so they'd have no choice but to stick someone else on it, as the supper people would've been long gone by the time I arrived. Not even 5 minutes after I walked in though, Josh asked me to go up on line to help Manoah, so I did, then I noticed that nothing was done in terms of bagging it at all. However, there were orders, so I just worked on doing those, and bagging what I could in between. About 12, Josh asked me whether I wanted to do dishes or stay on line, because there were several large piles of them at the back, so I chose the dishes, and set about working on those. Stayed back there for an hour and a half doing them, then I heard Jerome say something about "Well, what do you guys want?" That's why it's awesome working with him. You're almost 100% guaranteed to end up getting pizza or some sort of non Taco Bell food. Tonight we got pizza, which was nice. We only had about 10 minutes altogether to eat it though, because of the cars that kept coming. Jerome closes tomorrow night as well, so that's going to be interesting. Aside from him and me, Kevin and Manoah are also there 'till close, which makes me almost certain I'll be stuck on drive through, but whatever. Tomorrow's the last day before the two I have coming up.

Moving onto other topics though, today, being my Mom's birthday, went pretty well. I left Heart and Stroke at 3, which I was glad for, because all we were doing was putting stickers on the kits for the February canvassing, and that's horribly boring. From there, we went to Staples so Adam could return the keyboard he bought this morning, and get one that actually worked, then we went to the bank, then to Sobeys, because I wanted to get more chocolate milk (it was still 59 cents :p), and also get Mom a card. I put $40 in it, and she seemed to be pretty happy with that.

I'm quite happy with the place I've found to hide my money as well now. As I said a while back, on my top bunk, there's a thin sort of blanket thing spread out, then a mattress cover on top of that, to hold it down, right? Well, in between the blanket and cover, along the edges of the mattress is where I put my money (bills, for the time being). The mattress cover has a good bit of elasticity in it, so it keeps the money from slipping out, as well as they're bills, so they're not going to fall down that easily.

Know what though? I'm going to go play more TotA now. I'm just up to finding the Mushroom Path (or whatever the name is), but I still don't know just how much of the game is left. Regardless though, this won't be the only time I play through it. For Tales of Symphonia, I played through it 7 times before I finally got tired of it, so one can only guess what's going to happen with this game :)
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