November 9th, 2006

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That was an interesting night. No, I didn't just get home either :p I didn't really feel like writing much at first, so I did some random stuff on the internet, then watched "Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie" again. As the time of this entry might indicate, it's quarter to three in the morning, and I'm a bit drowsy, but I'm managing thanks to closing so much, and thus being up at this time in the morning at least twice a week.

Anyways, work. Got there at 8, and nothing was done except for most of the dishes. Well, pans were bagged for line as well, but that's about it. Jerome was on drive through at the time, so I figured he was only there until 9 or something, then I'd be taking over it, but no, he was scheduled 'till 11. He ended up staying just to get paid for the extra hour, which I didn't mind, seeing as it meant that for once, we had a shift where both me and Kevin were working, and I didn't get stuck on drive through :D I waited until exactly 8:00 to clock in, then I rotated torts (interestingly enough, aside from the ones Glenda did last night, from what she said, my writing is on all the labels), dropped fries, and went up on line. Things didn't go too badly for the first little bit, until 9:00 or so.

It was then that we got slammed. Just as an easy-to-understand hint at what it was like, we got up to having 10 minute orders while waiting for fries. One lady came into the dining room, and made an order that included a cheese fry and fry supreme with no sour cream. Unfortunately, we were waiting on fries when all the rest of her food was made, so I handed it out to her, and let her know that it'd be a couple minutes for fresh fries to come up (2:45, to be specific), and that we'd let her know when they were ready. Several minutes later, she, out of the blue, barks "Are those fries done yet!?" at me. Honestly, unless you want them to be soggy and undercooked, you'll have to wait until they're done. The earliest we can pull them up is 30 seconds before they're actually done, and that's generally only when we absolutely need them, or can't be bothered to wait (guess which one happens more often).

In her defense though, the fryer timer does sometimes seem to be going more slowly than the other timers around the place do :\

The only other "bad" person we had was someone who came through drive through, and ordered a Mexican Pizza and a 7up or something. As I was bringing the food down to drive through, I heard Jerome respond to something they said with "Well... it's cooking." Then when they finally noticed their food was on it's way, they got rather apologetic, and said something about "I was just saying, that's all." Feh.

About 9:45, things slowed back down again, so Kevin went out and started cleaning the dining room up, while Glenda worked on dishes, Jerome did whatever needed to be done and did his drive through stuff, and I held line down. That's quite possibly the best sort of arrangement you can have right there: have a crew on, in which everyone knows what they're doing, so that you can leave them to do their jobs while you do something else.

Around 11, there were no orders to make, so I started walking towards the back, thinking about what stuff there was to do, then I realized "Hey, it's only an hour 'till we close. I'd better start taking down line!" Strange feeling, that. Glenda started doing her end of the night paperwork, and once we were actually closed, she tried to print the close report, which didn't work the way it usually does. For some reason though, she thought that was because the till she was using had bad screen burn-in. Not so. As a matter of fact, all of 'em do. If you look closely at one of the front cash tills, you can see that Karry's name was on it at the time, but other than that, everything's either ones or eights :x

A couple people ended up pulling in after we were closed, and it was fun being able to think "Hey, we actually don't have to serve them!" Ten bucks says someone calls tomorrow morning to complain that we were closed early :s

Glenda brought up a good point earlier on in the night though. As things stand now, Sunday through Wednesday, the dining room closes at 11, and the whole store closes an hour later, correct? It's that very fact that doesn't make sense. Generally on a close, everyone starts packing things up for the end of the night an hour before close, so couple that with our current schedule, and that'd mean that from 11-12, we'd all be trying to get stuff cleaned up and whatnot. However, someone has to be out closing the dining room. Yeah. She said something about how it would be better if, for those three nights, the dining room closed at 10 instead, but that's not likely to go anywhere.

Enough about work though. I also went to Heart and Stroke today, and the first thing Michele asked me when I got in was if I planned on attending this year's volunteer Christmas Party. That sort of thing's always nice, so I said yes, then she told me that she needed a flyer done up for it. I present to you my flyer. Note that as with the volunteer flyer, you need to have Excel 2003 or better installed to view it. Either that, or maybe there's another program out there that can open those files.

... that's right. I used a spreadsheeting program to make a flyer :) I use it for practically all of the single sheet things I'm asked to do. I find it just allows me so much more control of where I put stuff, how it's positioned, and all those fun things.

Anyways, personally, something's not right with it right now, but I can't put my finger on it. However, Michele requested a couple changes be made to it. First of all, now there's a holly border around the whole thing, as well as see that ornament thing in the top-left corner. The stripes on it? They're now red, as is the presently green background. However, see the darker green background for the shadow? It's still there. Godawful is the only word I can think of to describe it. That's the way she wanted it to look though, so whatever. Oh, and one more change. The holly image in the bottom-left corner is removed now, the Christmas tree picture moved down, and the "Where, When, and Time" text is moved over to the left more. Woo.

WTF? I just noticed that Firefox is detecting all the instances of the word "flyer" (that one included) as being spelled incorrectly. Strange.

As well, remember how I said something a little while back about how Michele was having me make up the volunteer quizzes for this year? Well, I've got that file as well. This is exhibit B, otherwise known as questions and answers with random comments. Anything within brackets is most likely stuff that was running through my mind when I was typing down that particular question or answer, so just keep that in mind.

This is fun. I don't even know the words to this song, and yet I'm singing along to it. This one, to be specific.

... so yeah... i'm ridiculously bored now... i think it's time i went to bed...
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Dull Day (so far)

Now that was a boring afternoon. I walked in at 1, and one of the other volunteers was there, and said something about "Michele's going to be out until 3, but she said you know what you're doing..." That I did, so I walked back to the office that has one of the only color printers in the place, changed the ink cartridge, and printed out 17 copies of the Christmas party flyer that I made up yesterday. That took quite a while to finish, but when it was done, I put everything back to the way it was before I'd gotten there, and went up to one of the computers up front. I couldn't think of anything else that needed to be done first, so I opened up the questions I was working on, and did all of 6 more in two more hours :|

So anyways, I do have to work tonight, from 9 to 4. If I remember correctly, it's me, Kevin, Glenda, and Jerome, and possibly Amy working. I already know what position I'm going to be on. However, thinking back to what previous Thursdays have been like, we shouldn't be that bad tonight. Last week, I got to leave at 1, instead of having to stay to close. Tonight I'm actually scheduled 'till 4, so I'll obviously be staying for the full shift. Just so long as it isn't too busy.

Tomorrow night's going to be sweet as well. I start at 9, and am there 'till 4. Josh is one of the closing managers though, so chances are he'll ask me to stay to actually help close. Maybe I will. It just depends on what things are like when that time rolls around. I'm off on Saturday, which is amazing in and of itself. I've been thinking though... the past few Saturdays (5 at most) have literally seen us with nonstop orders, except for a couple 5 minute breaks. Thus, it won't come as a surprise to me if they try to call me in that night. Here's what I've been thinking of to say in response though. Either "Let me guess. You have solid cars, dishes are piled up at the back, and there's plenty of other stuff to be done. Well, I hate to say it, but I'm going to say no this time. I know what it's like there, 'cause that's what it's been like the past few Saturday nights as well." That or this: "Well, I guess I'll come in, but I'm not going on line or on drive through. I'll do dishes and whatever other stuff needs to be done, but I'm not setting foot up front. If I don't have to, I'm not wearing my uniform either, because as long as the customers don't see me, they'll have nothing to complain about." We've been screwed over on a Saturday night before (when it was me, Eric, and Josh), and yet we managed to be out of there by 5. Last Saturday Ange was looking to call someone in even though we had plenty of people. Two of us were on line, and one was on drive through. There was nothing stopping her from going back to wash dishes, but from what I gathered, the thought didn't even cross her mind. Heh, even after I washed them for an hour, she still had to go do other stuff (that's a lie), so I had to go back up on line. Bah.

I really don't know. They screwed up my days off this week somehow as well. They gave me this Saturday off, then some random day (I think it's either Tuesday or Thursday) off next week. I'd much rather have two days off in a row, because then it allows for much more of a break, as opposed to having single days off aren't really days off anyways. See, in any close, you're there for two days, technically. Say tonight. We'll start on Thursday night, but end Friday morning. So, for example, let's say I had Friday off. I'd end up getting home, sleeping for half the day, doing whatever during the night, then getting up again the next day, and having to worry about being in for work again. It's good for having a night off, but otherwise it doesn't make sense.

Anyways, it's time now for something you might not've expected to ever hear from me. Regarding this name I'm posting under. I got to thinking a couple times in the past whether I really wanted to continue using it or not. First of all, this didn't even start bothering me until I started watching canadianfurs, then I started thinking about "Well, if I'm going to be serious about this, then there are a couple things I'll have to take care of."* See, it comes from this book. Back when I was going through my "dragons = l33t" phase, I joined a couple sites that had to do with 'em, and I used this name. I'm sure if you read the book description you'd be able to figure out why ;) Obviously I no longer go to those sites (nor do I even have the desire to), so one of the things that bothered me at first was "Do I really want to continue using this name, even though it holds such a dark past for me?" I think my answer is yes.

Not only can I not think of a better one, but I've used it for so long that I don't think I'd be able to get used to another one. Yeah, there are some things connected to it that I'd rather weren't there, but it's too late to do anything about them now :p

* the other one is actually telling other people about all these things. I really don't care what their reactions are anymore. I just want to get this stuff out on the table. Soon though. Very soon :)
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