November 13th, 2006

Bad Day

That would've been a good shift, if the things that took place once I got there hadn't. First of all, I walked in there at 9, and out of the blue Josh goes "There he his! We've been trying to call you since earlier this afternoon!" Right off the bat, I'm getting in trouble because I didn't come in early.

On a tangent here, am I, by working there, really and truly supposed to feel obligated to come in when they call? They seem to be deciding to call me purely because of the fact that back when I just started working there, I actually went in from being called in a couple weeks in a row at times. The whole "We know he did it before, so he should do it now" way of thinking makes sense, but I wish they'd look at the facts. As I said before, back then, I had only one or two shifts a week. Thus it was pretty much nothing to agree to come in. Now that I'm up to 4, 5, and possibly even more a week, I generally tend to look forward to my days off, and being called on those is nothing more than a big pain in the ass. Anyways, back on topic...

I tried my best to ignore him, and made my way to the back to look at the schedule. There I saw Kevin working away on the dishes, then Josh got an order, as well as there were people at front cash, but nobody was on line, so I had to clock in and make the orders. Once they were done, I just worked on finishing cleaning line (putting a bag under cold line, restocking stuff, wiping it down, and so on), then suddenly Josh comes up in a huff and says something about "So now I don't do anything around here!"

He was getting all bent out of shape because Kevin accused him of having nothing done, even though the only things there were to be done (when I walked in at least) were deckscrubbing, and the dishes.

From Kevin's standpoint, yeah, it might've seemed like nothing was done because there were so many dishes, but seriously, think about it for a minute. As a closer, you walk in and see that nothing's done. What do you do, provided there are no orders? Get things cleaned up as quickly as possible. Thus, it's more likely that you'll allow the dishes to pile up at the back, because you're working on doing other stuff. However, for the people that get there after you finish (and from what I gathered, that's what happened between Kevin and Josh tonight), it appears that you did some of the cleaning, but you couldn't be bothered to do the dishes.

What Josh could've done to avoid the problem was, instead of just getting angry and pissed off, calmly explaining what he had done, and why they weren't able to do dishes. Perhaps the dishes weren't done simply because whoever was working couldn't be bothered to. I don't know, but anything's a possibility.

Anyways, after he vented his frustrations, he went back to talking about trying to call me in. Note that I was asleep until just before 5 today.

They called around 3, and my Dad picked up. Said I was at a birthday party. WTF!? First of all, anybody that knows me even partially knows that I would never be invited to someone's birthday party, and even if I was, I'd probably try to think of an excuse to get out of it. I'd rather have had him simply tell the truth, and say that I was still sleeping. Then they called around 7, and my Mom picked up. Told them I was still sleeping. That's understandable, seeing as I have stayed in bed that late before, and she never actually saw me get up and leave my room. After that, he asked me if I really was busy last night (so in other words, Saturday night), to which he never got an answer, because he had a car, and never brought it up again after that. The explanation he gave for calling so many times though was this "We know you aren't getting many hours right now, so we're trying to get you some more, but we keep running into obstacles." It's fun to see them putting theirselves in the "good guy" position.

After all that, about 11, he asked what time we thought we'd be there 'till, because he was done just as soon as he finished t he dining room. I told him "12:30", and he said something about "Should I wait and get a ride, or...?" I was thinking to myself "No Josh. I want you to go home at your scheduled time, because there are things I want to talk with Kevin about, and having you in the car as well would stop that faster than anything." Luckily enough, he did decide to head home about 11:30, but not before asking me what I was doing tomorrow. Then he said something about "Well, you can come over if you want... Just make sure to call first because... I'll still... be up." Obviously I'm not over there, but it really makes me feel bad. I mean, he was sincere about it, and I haven't been to his house in a while, nor the other way around. It's just... not going to work, going over to his house after 12 at night. It just doesn't seem right. It also doesn't help that it's ridiculously rare for us to ever have the same day off, and even when we do, nothing usually happens.

It's like for my birthday. I booked it off a couple months in advance, so I was the first one in the list. Amy was flipping through the book the other day, and I glanced at that day, and noticed that Larry was the only one who'd written his name in. It's a foregone conclusion that he wants that day off for his own purposes

I'd hint to Josh about him booking that day off as well, but then I don't know what he'd want to do. Last year, both of us managed to have it off, so he took me out to see a movie (The Chronicles of Narnia, I think), as well as my brother, then, on the way back, said something about a strip club. Nothing of that sort really happened, because we went straight home after that. From time to time as well, he's said something about taking me out drinking, or some other less-than-savory activity, and I can't help but think "Why?". The closest I've got to drinking was him putting a little bit of something or other in with a glass of pop on his birthday, and I drank it. As for a strip club, I can't see it being very exciting. I know he's "all about girls", so he'd probably have some fun, but I already explained my own standing in the whole gender preference thing, and I think that says enough about why I'd consider it uninteresting. He has his own interests, as do I, and although some of them do overlap, it's more often than not that one of us will be bored with what the other finds fun.

I just don't know...

Once he left though, I took down cold line, then went back and washed the dishes that were there, and we were out of there at 12:30. It's me, Kevin, and Glenda closing tonight as well, although I don't know for sure, but I might go in early this time. See, not only do I want to avoid a repeat of last night, but also, I really should be trying to renew the trust in their idea of that I'll usually come in if they call me. Oh, and not only that, but also after tomorrow, I have two more days off, so I suppose a bit of a sacrifice wouldn't hurt.

Really, I don't have a problem with them calling me in early on the days that I do work, but actually wanting me to come in on my days off are what I don't like. Maybe I should just tell Josh and/or Shelia that. It could very well save me alot of headaches.

Getting back to tomorrow, Josh is also there 'till 12, so it's highly likely that he'll stay to close, seeing as it's only one more hour.

Oh, and as for next Saturday, it's going to be hell. First off, I want to find the person that's making the schedule and punch them. Hard. Who the hell puts a new manager on a Saturday night close? Yes, it's Ange, Manoah, Steph, and Kevin closing. Seeing as I'm there to close the dining room, I'll probably be asked (well, more coerced) to stay. I probably will, but I still full well plan on telling them (if I do say yes) "Yes, I'll stay, but I'm going back to do the dishes and other cleaning first. If that's done before we're closed, then I'll probably take over or help on drive through for a bit. I just don't want to go on line. One other thing as well. If, at 4, you guys aren't in too bad shape (dishes mostly done, line relatively tidy, middle neat, and such), then I'd like to leave. Oh. If it's possible, I'd really like to take my break, because I haven't had one since I started at 4."

Not to be completely inconsiderate or anything, but just enough to show that I'm not entirely pleased that they want me to stay, but also that I'm willing to, as long as certain conditions are met.

What we really need to do though is find out why Saturdays have been so ridiculously busy lately. One possible theory (that I just came up with a couple seconds ago) is that usually Thursdays are dead. Therefore there's a slight chance that on Saturday night, we're getting all the people that would normally come, plus those people that didn't on Thursday. If we can't figure out why it's so busy, whoever makes the schedule should at least start putting 5 people on a Saturday night close, as opposed to 4.

Anyways, I think that'll be about it. There are a couple things I want to take care of on here, but otherwise, I'm looking forward to going to bed. This whole day has just been one frustration after another, so it'll be nice to just lay down and forget about it. Oh, and look at that as well. I can write an entire journal entry without using smilies. Hah.
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Good Old Family Fun (and other things)

Well, Adam, Mom, and Dad are out in the kitchen playing Jenga right now, and all I can hear is Adam repeatedly saying something about "This is intense" :p Naomi's upstairs, possibly rooting through our rooms in search of more stuff to steal. Yeah, I probably don't give her enough credit, but from what I've seen so far, when she's upstairs, she's either flat out on the couch watching TV, or going through our things. It's just been brought to my attention that she once again came into possession of my Yoshi's Topsy Turvy. I could care less about that game now, as it's ridiculously frustrating, but something about it is interesting. I have both my DSes upstairs in my room, and Adam has his. The game in question is for GBA, and I lost my GBA SP quite a while ago. As far as I know Adam still has his either laying around somewhere down here, or somewhere up in his room. Guess where mine went? Yep. Without a doubt, Naomi took it.

Anyways, that's not what I logged in to write. When I got up and got down here in front of the computer, I found a new torrent for SonicBlu's "Fur, Folks, & Fun" CD. I started downloading it, and it was done within an hour. A little bit after that, Dad and Mom came downstairs, and Dad asked if we planned on coming to vote with them. Came as a complete surprise to me, but I ran upstairs, put some deodorant on, and grabbed my PSP. Put the songs I'd just downloaded on it, because Adam wanted to go to EB Games as well, so I figured I could listen to some of the songs on the way. We stopped by the bank at first, because I figured "Well, we're going out there, and I haven't bought a game in a while, so I might as well withdraw some money and get Vice City Stories." No though. Got to the bank, walked up to the back door, tried to pull it open, and found that it was locked.

So from there we were off to the Cultural Centre to vote, then out to EB Games so Adam could get what he wanted. Took him quite a while to find something to get as well. At first he was looking at Kirby's Air Ride, but he said something to the effect of just wanting that for the music, so I told him to save his money, because I'd find somewhere to download them once we got home. From there, he walked back and forth, looking at some 360 games, then all the way back over to the GBA games to look for some Sonic one, and he finally decided on Children of Mana for the DS, and a couple styluses. From there, we made our way back home, which was when I finally turned up the volume on my PSP loud enough so that I could hear the music.

I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but the guy can't sing. Like, I appreciate the thought and idea behind him "remaking" those songs, and it's cool in and of itself listening to furry-specific music, but I wouldn't spend the $10 or whatever he's charging to actually buy the CD. Well, aside from just having it for the sake of novelty. I'm downloading one of his other CDs (Sprout your Fur) right now, so with any luck, it will actually be bearable. Well, bearable as in where his voice doesn't take away so drastically from the song.

So as for work tonight, it should go pretty good, provided Josh and Kevin don't get into their disagreements again. I'm just thinking that we close at 12, it's a Monday night, so it should be dead, and I'll only be there for 4 hours at most. Agreed, my next pay check will suck, but we'll worry about that when it comes. I don't know if Josh is going to say anything about me going to his house tonight or not, but what it really boils down to is what I've said before - I'm tired of always having to go over there all the time. In short, just more "Welcome to my world" instead of the other way around.

I don't know whether I'll be on drive through tonight or not either. Josh is only scheduled 'till 12, so he'll likely be on dining room, and it wouldn't surprise me if he decides to stay for the extra half hour or so. Glenda ended up taking drive through last night, because she'd already done her counts and everything, so there is the slight chance that might happen tonight, but the odds of it are pretty low. Kevin is, 9 out of 10 times on line, so he'll probably be doing that tonight, which just leaves me. Well, whatever. Like I said in my previous entry, I'm scheduled to have two days off after tonight, so if I have to take drive through, I will. Getting called in on the next two days is still a possibility, but I look at it this way. If they call during the early afternoon, they're looking for someone to work a supper shift. Chances are I'd still be asleep the, so there wouldn't be any problems. If they call anywhere past, say, 5, then chances are they're looking for closers. I can't really see there being a problem with saying "Yes", simply because both those nights we do close at 12, and we're usually out of there by 12:30, so I'd still have plenty of time to do whatever plans I had before they called.

Whether they actually do call or not is open to guesses right now. Another thing we'll just have to wait for.

... what to do now. I'm bored :x I've had Doom 3 downloading since last night, and it's still got 12.2% left to download. uTorrent's predicting it'll be done in two hours though, so maybe I'll have a new game to play when I get home from work. I downloaded the demo way back when we got this computer, but uninstalled it because a) I was too scared to play any further (heh), and b) I wasn't playing it all that much in the first place.

I think that's about it. At least unless something worth writing about happens while I'm at work :3