November 14th, 2006

Another Good Close

Now that was a good close. It started out slightly on the rocky side, but ended up being quite possibly the best we've had in a while. I was still here at home around 8:30, and I was bored, with nothing to do, so I figured I'd wait 10 minutes, then head to work. So I got there about quarter to, rotated torts, and wandered around, until I noticed they'd need help on line. By that time, it was about 8:55, so I asked Glenda if it was alright for me to clock in. She said that I could, but that she would also go back and change it to 8:45 for me, since I had technically started working at that time. She did that, while I helped on line, then Alana, who'd been on drive through when I got there, came up to me and said "Well, here's the headset. There's a car right now but I told them..." I'm assuming she told them to just hang on a second, so I put it on, took their order, and that started a rush of about 10 cars :x More frustrating that it had to happen as soon as I got on drive through than anything else, really.

Once that was done, I worked on tidying up the drive through area, because Alana had left it a complete mess. It didn't help that we ran out of our regular size cups earlier in the day. Usually when that happens, we simply use a large cup instead, except only fill it about two thirds full. Same thing happened tonight, so every person that got a drink with their order got told "We're all out of the regular cups right now, so that's why they're a large size." :p Most people didn't really seem to care, probably because they thought they were getting a large drink for the price of a regular one. Not so >:)

Once I'd finished that though, I went back to start working on the few dishes that still had to be done, and I'd gotten about as far as draining the sinks (because they were filthy), before another car came. Fun. Skip ahead to about 10:30, and I was at the back washing dishes again. Josh came back to me, and asked a favor. He wanted me to, if anyone else came into the dining room, make sure to flush the urinal in the mens' bathroom, because according to him "Nobody in Chatham knows how to." Avoided that problem rather easily by going out and locking the doors around 10:45. We're not supposed to lock them until 5 minutes to, at earliest, but as far as I saw, nobody tried to come in, so it worked out.

The rest of the night mainly consisted of us going out to the dining room to sit down and have something to eat. I made myself a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, because I figure it's rather odd that we're promoting the silly things, and I've never even tried one :s I made mine with chicken instead of beef though, because the chicken is far superior to anything else there. Well, aside from those pudding tubes we had for the kids meals a while back. The staff ate most of those :) I really don't even see why we have kids meals in the first place, seeing as you only get an order that includes one every couple weeks, or even longer. As such, we've got a large box of toys under the front counter that are just taking up space. Even more so the toys for kids under 3.

Anyways, getting back to the close, all three of us watched the first part of Taco Hell for about 5 minutes, before a car came, so we went in, made the order, then once it was done, Glenda decided she wanted to go out and have a smoke. Me and Kevin started taking down cold line, then we got a couple more cars, and once those were taken care of, I went back and washed the dishes, and that's pretty much how the rest of the night went. We got out of there at 12:15 as well, which is why I love working Monday nights. They're so dead. Sadly enough though, next time I'm in is Thursday, from 9 - close, and that's the last nice slow night (at least I'm assuming it'll be) for the rest of the weekend.

As for the next two days, I have them off, and as Kevin so eloquently put it, they probably won't need to call me in. I can't see it happening either, but you never know.

For some reason, the next two schedules are up as well, making a total of four on the board at the back right now. I like what they have me working next week. I have two days off, two days on, two days off, and two more days on. The one after that I don't like though. They once again scheduled my days off really strangely. I think one is on a Tuesday, while another is on a Friday or something. That's not going to be 'till just before we get into December though, so it's still a good ways off.

Right now, I'm contemplating whether I want to stay up late again or not. On one hand, I'd rather go to bed early, because I was up sooner than normal today, and I'm more tired than normal right now as a result. As well, I want to head to the bank and to EB Games as well, to pick up Vice City stories. On the other hand, I do have the day of tomorrow, so I could just stay up as late as I feel like, then go to bed, and set my alarm clock for 4 or so. Well, I'm just going to wait until I get tired enough to head upstairs right now. Doom 3 finished downloading while I was at work, so I'll probably install that and at least go through the tutorial, or if it doesn't have one, just play it for 5 or 10 minutes.

I think that's all I have to write for now though :)

Of Course...

So I'm just sitting here, trying to work up the nerve to read a reply to a PM I sent someone on another site, when suddenly the fact hits me that I still have a couple PSX games upstairs in my little box with a lock on it. Said games being Final Fantasy VII, some Spyro one, and Rayman. I got those a hell of a long time ago, when the only thing that could play those games was our computer. Yes, I got the games purely for the purpose of emulating them :p Anyways, then the fact hit me that the PS2 is supposed to be backwards compatible with older games. I ran upstairs, managed to unlock the lock, and got the games out. I only played Final Fantasy VII so far, just up to the first save point. I tried to save, but apparently there wasn't a memory card in the slot, when it fact there was. Where I'm going to find a PS1 memory card these days is beyond me, and it's not like it's really necessary anyways.

I downloaded the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 quite a while ago now, and played through it in it's entirety. Spyro, I've downloaded and played via ePSXe, except for the second one, because I never could find a download of it when I went looking. Rayman, I recall going so far as to make an ISO for (because it made sense that running the games off the hard drive as opposed to CD would make them load faster) but I never really bothered with it.

Anyways, that's the random excitement for this time in the morning. I really should be going to bed soon, because Adam's going to be up for work within the next hour. It's just strange. The clock in the living room said it's already 6:30, so while I was playing the game, I was getting all stressed out because I wanted to get upstairs before anyone else came down, and now I notice it's not even 6 yet :x

So I'll probably head up around 6, in order to be asleep by 7, then probably get back up around 3 or 4, head to the bank as soon as possible, then out to EB Games to get a new power cord for my DS Lite, as well as Vice City Stories. Maybe also to find out if they do in fact have the memory card designed for the PS1.

Right now though, it's time for bed :3