November 17th, 2006

Lots of Things

*sigh* today started going downhill the instant Josh woke me up, I say. First of all, as I said, I forgot my PSP at his house, but he said something to the effect of having to go back later in the afternoon to feed the dogs, so I'd come along with him and grab it. Thus, I planned to be done at Heart and Stroke at 3:30, because then we could go over to his house at 4, and I'd have plenty of time to get 2.71 SE B working. So I phoned the house at 3:30, and Mom picked up. I told her that I was done, so that she could come get me, and she did. Got dropped off at the house, and Josh was still playing his Star Trek game he got this morning, so whatever. I played StepMania for a bit, then did a bit of web surfing, and waited. Waited some more, and even more after that. FINALLY, at 5:30, he says "Well, guess I should go feed the dogs". We spent about half an hour at his house, because not only did he feed them, but he also let them run around in their back yard for a bit. About 6:00, Dad phoned his cell phone, to say that we were going to be going out for supper, and that they'd be around to pick us up. We started walking, and we'd gotten about 5 minutes away from the house, when we saw the van coming up, so we started waving, but they drove right by. We had to walk all the way back to the house.

From there, we went to West Garden, for the buffet, and once we were done there, we went home again. About that time, it was 8:00, so I figured "Okay, whatever. At least I can start this thing." I got about as far as getting all the files into their proper places, before I had to leave for work.

Got there, wandered around for a couple minutes, then clocked in, and was told I was going on drive through. Bah. Jerome seemed rather apologetic about it though, so that's interesting. Something about how he would've put Manoah on it, except he already had a till on front cash, etc. After the initial rush of about 4 cars, I went back and rotated torts (as always :p), washed the few dishes that were there (a nacho pan and a sour cream bottle), then looked for other things to do. Mostly just tidying up the back, getting all the cardboard boxes collapsed, then sweeping and such, all the while taking care of the cars that pulled up.

Eventually, Amy came up to me around 12, and asked if she could go on drive through for a bit. I was thinking "Yes! Get me off of it!", but I just told her "Well, if you want to, I guess." She took it for about an hour, which was nice because it allowed me a chance to have something to eat. I tried going a different route tonight, and had something that gets ordered only very occasionally. Some sort of item with fries wrapped up in a tortilla. I had a chilli-cheese fry, with sour cream, spicy chicken, and extra nacho cheese, and in the end, it was so big, the thing would hardly wrap up, and it was on a 12" tortilla :x Grilled it, just because I didn't want it to fall apart on me, and ate it with a side of sour cream. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't have it again. It was just, how to say... too much :\

Amy gave the headset back around 1, much to my dismay, but there wasn't really anything I could say or do about it. 1-2 was pretty dead, but from 2-3, we got busy. We actually had a decent-sized bar rush, including the inconsiderate people that come through again after you've given them their food, just to say "you forgot this and this and this". Apparently, we didn't give them two chilli-cheese burritos, and they also wanted to get two orders of chilli-cheese fries. I ended up heading to the back to catch up on the dishes that were there, then just waited for the fries, so we could get the guy out of there.

We closed at 2:55, which is pretty normal. We usually close 5 minutes early, for some reason that I've never really bothered to look into. Manoah walked up to me after I'd finished hanging up my headset, and told me that I'd be taking down hot line, he'd do cold line, and Amy would do the dishes. I suppose it makes sense, seeing as Amy doesn't really have any experience taking down line, and it wouldn't do her any good to learn how to now (more on that in a bit).

About quarter to 4 we got out of there, surprisingly enough without seeing the delivery truck once, but I'm not complaining. The thing that made tonight the worst was how tired I was though. I've been up since about 11 this morning, and even before that, I only was asleep for 5 or 6 hours. It was the middle of the bar rush when the whole "Wow. What's going on" feeling hit. I walked up on line to get a customer's food, looked at the grill, and I knew where I was, and what I was looking at, but it just didn't seem real.

Tomorrow's shift is going to be hell, simply because Ange is the closing manager. Unless I can convince her to split up drive through responsibilities between two of us for the night. I can only hope.


Now comes the moment of truth. My "DATA.DXAR" is created, so now I'm just waiting for the battery to charge to 75%. It seems that's the recommended amount, even if you do plug your PSP in. I was a bit worried about it possibly screwing up at first, seeing as I've got harleyg's custom firmware installed right now, but it looks like other people have done the same thing, and it worked fine. I don't want to end up with a brick though.

Anyways, other things while it's charging. Last night, after we got done supper, Josh wanted to go to Sobeys to get some other food, and we took Adam along so he could get money to pay Josh back for buying Sonic for him. We ended up at the Liquor Store over across from Tim Hortons, because Josh wanted to pick something up, and he also had plans to get Adam something, because it was his 20th birthday. I know it's not my place to say, but WTF? He ended up getting some 20-pack of flavored things, and after we got back to his house, he asked me "Do you want to try some? Come on. I'll just put a little bit in a little glass here." Honestly, what the hell is with them trying to get me to drink? It's like "Oh, he's almost 22, and he hasn't ever had anything to drink except for a couple small things that aren't even worth mentioning." Hell, even Manoah at work tonight seemed to be trying to get me to come out and smoke with him. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I'm quite happy with things that way. After seeing the prices on some of the items yesterday, it makes me glad I don't either. I believe it was a little bit of vodka mixed in with orange juice that Josh gave me to drink on his last birthday, and that was bad enough.

As well, at West Garden tonight, Josh came along, and got Adam a beer. Huh? Did I miss something? Maybe I'm being overbearing or protective, but our parents were right across the table from him. Still though, I suppose yeah, he's 20, so if he's ever going to make his own choices about these things, now's the time -_- He doesn't have any valid ID though, so I suppose even if he wanted to get more, he wouldn't be able to.

Sweet. It worked :) Now if only Josh was a bit more patient, he might've been able to play Vice City Stories, but oh well. Now I've just got to find some decent backgrounds :p I've got this one set right now, and it's okay, but I want to find something else. Meh... ~800 to go through. I think I'll finish this first.

What haven't I talked about yet... oh yeah. This song I'm listening to. It's sweet. Lyrics, as ear-transcribed by me:

Collapse )

OMG yes :D Seriously, if it was possible, it'd (for me at least) be a matter of weighing the various conditions and consequences, then most likely asking "Where do I sign?" :3

I first heard that song after we were closed tonight, as before I left for work, I put some songs I'd yet to listen to on my PSP, and that one just happened to be the first in the list. I got to singing along with it, as well as Boten Anna, but nobody said anything, so whatever.

I really should be going to bed soon, seeing as it's now 6:00 in the morning. 5 more hours and I'll have been up for 24 hours straight :x That's the very reason all of this might seem unusually messy. I'm not as bad as I was at work, where I just didn't care, so long as I got to bed, but it's more a matter of "This is what I want to say, and this is the easiest way to say it". It's also the reason I'm jumping from topic to topic so much :p

As for volunteering today, it was alright. As I said in my previous entry, me and Michele were working on the monthly volunteer questions, and without actually saying it, she told me my questions were no good. Not surprising, really, seeing as even when I was typing them up in notepad, they seemed alright just for questions, but no good for where volunteers are concerned. So we started by listing all the places the information necessary could be found (like the volunteer binder, the website, some monthly update that gets sent from the provincial office, etc.), then we went on the site, and she had me copy down all the subitems within the different categories on the left hand side of the page. After that was all done, I figured "Well, why not take a screenshot, and mess with it in paint, so they can actually see a picture of what they're looking for? She liked that idea much better, so I just finished doing those before I had to leave. Apparently she's going to have me, sometime or another, actually type up all the information contained in the volunteer binder, because as is, nobody reads it. It just sits in the drawer.

Oh, and I got some new games as well.

  • Cooking Mama (DS)
  • Yoshi's Island 2 (DS)
  • Children of Mana (DS)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PSP)

Now I go to bed because I'm becoming increasingly incoherent with every minute that passes. Tomorrow.
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