December 4th, 2006

Just a Little bit on Work

I don't see how people can stand eating these cinnamon twists. They're disgustingly cold, and there's hardly any cinnamon sugar on them :s We got out of there pretty late tonight, and I've got paint all over my hands. Not the sort of thing you'd think would happen at a fast food place, but it did.

See, apparently we're having a store audit sometime soon, and one of the things Earl wanted done to get in into better shape was for someone to clean and repaint all the vents on the ceilings. Josh got given that job, and at first he was supposed to be in at 11 this morning to do that, but something or other happened that prevented him from doing so, and he ended up asking me if I'd help him tonight, seeing as I would get paid for it, and I agreed. It didn't take a terribly long time (only 'till 1:30) though, so that helped.

As for the rest of the night, it wasn't too bad. I left the house early again, and upon walking in, Josh asked me if I wanted to take over drive through for Chris, or go back to do dishes. I'm sure you can guess what I chose to do. It was a good thing too, because I was back there for an hour and a half getting them all done. Finally, at 8:30, I walked back up to the front, helped expedite for a bit, then steamed a couple orders, before I had to go on drive through. At first, either me or Josh were going to be on it, and really, Josh should have been. Reason being is because he was coughing like you wouldn't believe tonight. There were several times while he was steaming, where he'd start having a coughing fit, turn around, and cover his mouth with his hands, and once he was able to breathe normally again, went right back to steaming without so much as washing his hands. I am being nitpicky though, because I didn't want to be on drive through. Meh. Things worked anyways.

I'm back on tomorrow from 7 - close, then I have two days off after that (finally). After that, I'm back on for another 5 days, then I've got at least two more off.

Anyways, once again, I'm cutting this short here. All these recent closes are starting to catch up to me. It was nice to be closed at 12 tonight, instead of 4 though :p

Even more Weird Dreams

In one, we were sitting in Taco Bell's dining room, and we were trying not to move, because there was some criminal in a car outside. For whatever reason, I had some sort of sheet over my head, so I peeked out from under it, and could see the car. I was also able to read the license plate number, so I tried to memorize it, seeing as I'd read somewhere before about how that was the one thing police were having a hard time getting ahold of. After starting at it for a long while, it finally faded in to the point where it was clearly legible, so I read it, and remembered it for about 5 seconds. Then, the police pulled up behind them, so suddenly the other car was at the opposite end of the parking lot. I could still see the lights though. The police chased after them, so they started driving away, and as soon as they started driving up the street that goes back towards St. Clair, their car started bouncing and jerking really erratically, then did something or other that made all the lights, the police car itself, and several other things turn off. Then I hid under the sheet again because I was scared :p

Second one started where I went to see if DR was still around, just on a whim, and found that it was. Got to looking at some of the old threads, and one of them was a "Give me your address and I'll send you a Christmas card" type deal. I'd made a post in it, saying something about how I'd love to take part, but that circumstances prevented me from giving that information out, but then went on about how I was trying to find someone else's address, to send them a card. Suddenly, I was holding a printout of an email in my hand that I'd sent to said person. It said something about how after a bit of digging, I'd found their email address, and that I hoped they didn't have a problem with me contacting them out of the blue. I remember the email address was "" where the underscores were replaced with two numbers that were either threes, fours, or fives. I can't remember exactly what they were though.

So anyways, I ended up getting out of bed at 10 this morning, to phone EB Games. This time, I got a more polite lady, who actually said "No, none came today. Sorry." Went back to sleep after that (well, more slept for an hour, woke up for a couple minutes, went back to sleep for another hour, and so on), 'till 3. Waking up at 10 wasn't fun either. I had both the alarm on my DS and my alarm clock set to go off, so I'd be sure to wake up, and they did. Problem was that when they went off, I didn't know what they were, because I was still half asleep. By the time I got them both turned off, I'd turned my DS off and back on again, turned my PSP on, and turned the actual alarm clock off :s

After I got dressed and everything, I did a bit of stuff on the computer, and went to the bank. The people there must think they're really clever. I walked up to the lady at the desk, handed her my book, and told her I wanted to withdraw $50. First thing out of her mouth was "Are you going to buy a jacket?" Really nice. I don't set foot outside that much right now (really just when getting to work, and while waiting outside after we're closed), so I really have no need for a jacket. If it did come to that point though, I've still got at least one upstairs which fits me quite well. On a somewhat related note, I do need to get new shoes for work though. The ones I have now are literally coming apart.

We get paid this week though, so I suppose I'll wait 'till then to get them. I figure that right away Mom and Dad are going to get close to $160 of whatever I make, plus new shoes are going to cost at least $40, so I'm going to be spending $200 of my money right away :\ I might just forget about getting new shoes until I absolutely cannot use the ones I have right now anymore. I figure they've still got at least another week left in 'em, and anyways, it's only the left shoe that's coming apart right now.

Work tonight shouldn't go too bad. It's a Monday night, so it'll be dead, it's snowing (and the snow's staying) out, so fewer people will want to be driving around than normal, and me, Kevin, and Glenda are on tonight, and we usually manage things pretty well together. While I'm thinking of Glenda though, she said something really out of place to me last night. She told me that Taco Bell was looking to hire three new managers, and that I should become one. To be honest, yeah, I've thought about it in the past, and although it could be fun at times, the stress and hassle wouldn't be worth it. I've been there long enough to see several good examples of just what sort of stuff ends up being your responsibility as a manager, and also, as Josh put it such a long time ago "Everything is your fault", or in a more positive light "Everything is your responsibility". If something doesn't get done for closing that should, and you left your crew members to do it, you'll be the one to get in trouble for not checking everything once before setting the alarm, just to make sure everything was done.

It's like, I'm willing to learn the manager-specific stuff, but I don't want to actually become one. I much prefer there being someone else working, that's actually in charge of the shift, while I just do whatever I can, rather than actually having to be the one running things.

Oh dear :D I just clicked a random link in an ad on another site, which led to "". After glancing over the site, took a look at the source code to see if there was anything special in the comments. Let's just say "" is a list of all the people that filled out their form, several of which even included their phone numbers :o

That'll be about it for now though. I feel like playing StepMania for a bit :)