December 10th, 2006

Being Over-Tired is Fun :D

Tonight was absolutely horrible. Especially during the bar rush. It lasted from 2 to 3:30, so the length was bad in and of itself, but it also sucked because I was so tired. Of course, I was steaming, so I started getting really angry about how there was no end to the orders, then suddenly it came to the point where I just didn't care. I continued making the food, but I started acting really stupid, and basically just making a fool of myself. It was quite fun though :)

The one bad thing about today on a whole though is that ever since I ate that hamburger earlier, it feels as if a piece of it has gotten stuck in my throat, and there's nothing whatsoever that I can do to dislodge it. Of course, as soon as the effect of the flour in the stuff I had earlier wears off, that problem will probably clear up on it's own, but it's really annoying right now.

Anyways, that's all for right now. I'm not really as tired as I was at work, but that's because I'm at home relaxing. I'm not going to take any chances though. I'm heading upstairs to bed.

Feeling Better

Now that's the one distinct disadvantage of drinking that flour / nutmeg / sugar stuff. I was just in the bathroom for what felt like a good 10 minutes emptying myself of all the stuff I ate yesterday. Not fun. And of course, the one thing we wouldn't have any of in the bathroom when it's really needed is toilet paper. On the plus side though, whatever was wedged in my throat is now gone.

So yeah, it's quarter to 3 right now. I didn't plan on getting out of bed 'till 3 or so, but after getting out of bed from having to use the bathroom, I thought would really be stupid to go back to sleep for only a half hour. Otherwise though, that had to be the best sleep I had in a while. After struggling to no end with putting my mattress cover back on (no, I hadn't bothered to before I left for work), I crawled into bed, played through the "Cruisin'" difficulty of "You're the Inspiration" on Elite Beat Agents again, then closed my eyes. I didn't wake up once between then and somewhere around 2.

Work tonight shouldn't be too terrible, seeing as we've got 5 people scheduled to close. That really makes no sense though. We don't need 5 people to close on a Sunday night. Having the extra help will be nice, but I can't help but wonder why they don't schedule 5 people to close on the nights we really need that many (Fridays and Saturdays), and just put three people on Sunday through Wednesday. It's probably not going to be too busy tonight, so tomorrow we're going to hear something about how we screwed up the hours because we had so many people working when we didn't need them. According to what Josh said though, Steve will probably call in sick, because he already has once. That's not the same Steve I've been working with so far, apparently. They hired two guys with the same name, which is going to be quite fun if they end up scheduling them both on one shift :p

We've also got me, Erin, Sarah, and Glenda on tonight, which is really more than enough. The way I can see things going though is to have Erin on drive through, I'll steam, and either Glenda or Sarah can help me, while the other one's off doing counts or the other manager-specific work. If Steve ends up being there, I guess we'll just have to see what he's done so far.

I know I'm in tomorrow night as well, except at 7, which is alright. Better than starting at 5, at least.

Anyways, I think that's it for now. Still about an hour and a half before I have to leave, but there are other things I want to do on here :p
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