December 11th, 2006

Could've been better, but...

Tonight was pretty good. No, I didn't just get home either :p

We ended up having to leave about 10 minutes early, because Adam got off work at 5, so Mom wanted to be there in time to pick him up. I ended up getting to Taco Bell around, say, 4:40, so I just wandered around for a little bit, then asked Shelia if she wanted me to clock in. She sort of snapped off something about how I was to wait, but in her defense, they were pretty busy, so I suppose it couldn't be helped at the time. I went to the back again and sat down in the bathroom for a bit, then heard her call out my name, so I went up into the middle, where she literally flung a thing of flatbread at me, and said it needed to be done up. She told me to clock in as well, but an order was being taken on the till we do that on, so I couldn't. I did the flatbread though, then asked her what I was going to be doing. She asked (well, more told) me to pan up all the stuff that was in the thermalizers, so I set about doing that. Just as a note here, at the end of that, we had, in the cabinet, 20 pounds of beef, a double chicken, a single steak, and two nacho cheeses.

She needed one on line right away though, as well as a beef, so I started panicking because I thought we were going to end up running out of food. As a result of that, I ended up putting down another 10 pounds of beef, two more nacho cheeses, and two steaks. Bad idea. I completely forgot to check mini for what was there. As a result, we ended up with way more food than we would ever use. Maybe on a Friday or Saturday night, but certainly not on a Sunday. Not wanting to get in trouble for that though, I closed the thermalizer lids, and set about making half a bean. In the end, we didn't use that either :\ Once that was finished, I went back up on line and asked Shelia what I was going to be doing. I was written in on the deployment chart for stuffing, but of course, whenever I get a relatively easy position, things never work out.

She said something about how I was going to be taking over steaming because she had to go to the bank, and that she'd be back in less than 10 minutes. Yeah. My first order was 15 soft tacos and a fry supreme with no tomatoes. Thankfully though, the supper rush was almost over.

Shelia got back around 5:45, did something in the office, then came up on line and helped expedite for the remainder of her shift. She was done at 6. Why she couldn't have waited until then to go to the bank is beyond me, but I suppose it isn't surprising, considering the person in question.

Anyways, she left in short order once 6 rolled around. Sarah did something or other in the back, then came up and asked me if I'd mind if she asked me to continue steaming, because she was going to try to get other things done. I'm glad I said yes. Within an hour, we had the entire store (save the floors, dining room, and dishes) clean. Line was bagged, the fry dump was done, and everything else was tidied, and basically ready for closing. At about 7 in the evening, no less :p

Glenda walked in right around then, accompanied by Ange, who chided me for some time about calling in sick, and how she was curious as to whether I was actually sick, or just skipping out. That was interesting, because one of the first things after she said "So are you feeling better?" was "Since I've started working here, you've never called in sick, so it seemed weird". She didn't say anything else after that though. I don't even know why she was there in the first place, seeing as she wasn't scheduled to work at all. I guess she just came along to accompany Glenda on the way to work.

Shortly after they arrived though, Manoah walked in. I wasn't expecting to see him at all, but apparently the one day a week he works is Sunday, and nobody told him anything about not being on the schedule for today. As well, he'd already paid $12 for a cab ride to get there, so it would've been really inconvenient to just have to leave again. Sarah liked it though, because she ended up getting to go home early. From what she said, she was really hung over or something :s

So anyways, Manoah said hi to everyone, then made a comment about how he hadn't seen me in a while. I said something in reply about how last time I saw him, he left in a huff after being yelled at by Josh. That sparked a whole conversation between him, Ange, and Glenda about that night. From what I can remember, Glenda said something about how someone was coming down from Toronto (a provincial manager, provided such a position exists?) to take care of the whole mess, but he got stuck in a snow storm, so he couldn't make it as soon as he thought. Then they went on and on about how Josh should be fired for doing what he did, and blah blah blah.

Manoah really needs to take a step back for a second, and look at the part he had in the situation. He still seems to think that he just came in to work, and Josh started yelling at him, and so on. Aside from looking for a reason to leave ever since he walked in, he was also extremely impatient with Josh, for opening the door. There's no way he can take an "I didn't do anything wrong" attitude. I think Josh knows he's going to get in some sort of trouble either way, because if he didn't, he wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get on the phone with Earl, but like he said, what are they going to do? It'd really be stupid to fire him, seeing as we're short enough on closing managers as is, so at worst, they could demote him back to just regular staff. I suppose his fate is still to be determined though.

The main thing is that Manoah really needs to get out of his "I AM INVINCIBLE" mindset, because he's not. I don't think he realizes that yet though.

Anyways, the rest of the night went pretty smoothly. I went out to sit down and have something to eat at 8, because I just couldn't stand up anymore. My legs were killing me, and I was tired as anything, but I know why that's happening.

Manoah ended up taking down hot line at the end of the night, so I finished cold, then cleaned stuff up, and we were out of there at 12:30. Not bad, but it was a long shift. I still don't know whose bright idea it was to have me start at 5, but I hope it doesn't happen again. Before I forget though, apparently we're going to be introducing a new menu item sometime in the future. Know those Taquitos that 7-11 has? From what we were told, we're getting those. They're only going to have steak and three cheese on them though, which doesn't make sense. Well, they have that, and the customers also are given a choice of getting a side of guacamole, sour cream, or salsa with it. That's going to be interesting if we do actually get them.

Oh, and I've also got to figure out where I want to go for supper on my birthday. Mom brought that up on the way to work, listing practically every restaurant in the city, but I still don't know. It can't be a fast food place (not that I'd really want it to be), but I still can't decide. Ideally, I'd like to go to a place that doesn't offer any sort of "festivities" for people in your party who are having a birthday, but then again, I'm probably just being a spoilsport :p

Only two days to decide though...
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I'm so Tired...

They didn't screw up my chalupa this time. Nice :p Adam seemed to have it in his head that I ordered two mexi melts for him though, when they were in fact for me, which doesn't make sense. He knows quite well that we have debit in the drive through, so there's no reason he couldn't have just ordered two or three of them for himself.

Anyways, got about an hour and a half before I have to be at work right now. Hopefully things don't go badly tonight. As far as I know, it's at least me, Glenda, and Manoah closing. For some reason I think Steve is there as well, so provided he's there to close, he can be put on drive through, seeing as Manoah's already said something about how he's going to be on line, I'll probably help there when needed, and when not, just get other odds and ends taken care of, and Glenda can close the dining room, and if we're really dead, someone else can go out to help her.

I ended up sleeping in until 3 today though, so hopefully I don't end up feeling sick and fatigued again tonight. Thank God I have two days off after this. Tomorrow, I'm going to sleep in for however long I feel like. Wednesday, I don't know, because that's the day I usually go to Heart and Stroke, but it's my birthday, so I'm torn in between deciding to stay home because of that, or going in because if I don't, I'm likely to skip this whole week. Well, I'm going to leave waiting about that 'till tomorrow night for now.

So moving on, shortly after I woke up, I got on the computer, and to my horror, found out that Adam had been poking around in a torrent I started downloading last night. All I'll say is that the name of it was "Comic Collection5". I just disabled uTorrent's balloon notifications thing though, so hopefully he won't happen to stumble upon that stuff again. Anyways, I took a look at the release date for Castlevania - Portrait of Sorrow on GameFAQs after that, and found that it was released recently, much to my delight, so I phoned EB Games to see if they had it, and Adam, noticing that I was calling them, asked me to check if they had Sonic Rush as well. They had both, so about 3:30, we piled into the van, first taking Dad to work, then going out to EB Games.

We got our stuff, then I got to asking about the Wii, and all I got told this time was that they were still going to be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Apparently they didn't get many on Friday either, and what's more, they have no idea when they're going to be getting their next shipment. It figures.

From there though, we went to Wal-Mart, because Adam wanted to get a shirt or something, but he couldn't find what he wanted there, so we went to the other store out near there, where he finally found what he wanted.

Anyways, it's about time I was getting ready for work.