December 12th, 2006

Is it Broken?

I swear. I just got home, turned on the monitor, and found that there are now hazy white edges along all 4 sides of it. Not to say that Adam did it, but he's the only one that would've used it between me leaving for work and now, so there's not really anyone else to suspect. What's worse is that I clearly recall the guy at Staples saying this was the last he had of this particular model as well, so even if I had the receipt (I think it's in the box somewhere, but I'm not sure), I wouldn't be able to exchange it. It's not a really big problem, because it's really only visible when you're viewing something with a dark background, but I prefer my stuff to work as it's supposed to, and not just having to settle for using whatever anyways even though it has some small defect.

Work tonight went pretty well, except for the initial rush we had. I walked in at about 6:54, and I was scheduled to start at 7, so I went back to check the schedule so I'd know when I had to be in next, then went up and checked what food needed to be dropped, seeing as Ange was the manager on at the time, and from what I've seen, unless she's got nothing else to do, she rarely if ever checks what's in the thermalizers and cabinet. I ended up putting down a beef, a chicken, and a steak, then went up, clocked in, and was just about to start bagging pans for line, because I thought those still needed to be done, even though they were all up on mini.

Just as I was going for the pans, Ange called out my name, and told me that she needed me to steam. I was pissed at her for passing off the position just like that, on the sole account that it was busy, but I couldn't very well tell her no, so I went up and started making food. I'm glad I did, really. Line was a mess, but me, Larry, and Markie sped through the orders at an amazing pace, and about halfway through that rush, we got to a point where we were waiting on something or other for an order in drive through, so I asked Alana, who was on drive through, if she'd get two cups for the veggies and pizza sauce, so we could finish condensing hot line. She was just standing at front cash waiting as well, so it's not as if I pulled her aside from doing something else.

In that lapse, we managed to finish condensing hot line, and got things wiped down and tidied up quite nicely. Finally, once the rush was completely over, everyone else shuffled off line, so I set about bagging things. It me about 10 minutes to do everything, seeing as we were still getting the stragglers from the supper rush, so in all, I'd say I finished bagging both hot and cold line around 7:30. Once that was done, I went back to make a rice, seeing as we were almost out, but an order came as I was doing that, so I asked Ange if she'd make it, and she did. About 10 minutes after that, I started cleaning the fry dump, and just had everything taken out of it (save for the thing we use to get any stray fries or whatever out of the fryers) when another order came. Ange wasn't in the position to make that one (it looked like she was on her way outside to have a smoke), so I asked her if she'd finish doing the fry dump while I made the order. She gave me the dirtiest look. Seriously though, I'm asking you to do one thing. All you have to do is wipe the fry dump out, then put wraps down in it, and put the pan of fries back on top. It takes 5 minutes tops. Apparently her smoke was more important than that, although she did wipe it out, so that's better than nothing, I guess.

After that order was done, I finished the fry dump, then went back to grab a bag to put under cold line. Steve arrived right around then, and promptly got put on drive through, although that's really what I was expecting him to be on tonight. There weren't any orders at the time though, so he went back and started on the dishes. Glenda arrived shortly after that, and then everyone else just seemed to disappear. By 8:30, only me, Steve, and Glenda were left in the store. Fun. It wasn't really busy at the time though, and things were done, so I suppose there was really no reason to keep people. It probably wouldn't have hurt to have one person stay behind though, because at about 9, we got busy. Not extremely, but enough that it was slightly hectic trying to run things with the three of us. I was just making orders, and was mostly managing to get them out myself, but Glenda was also running back and forth between front cash, drive through (to help Steve) and line, to help me with the big orders. Steve was holding down drive through on his own for the most part, so he's doing pretty well for it being only his third or fourth shift on it.

That rush only lasted for 20 minutes or so, and after it was over, the only orders we had were in groups of two or three. One group of people came through the drive through though, and Glenda took their order. I heard her say something about "We can only do two orders", so there was obviously someone there that wanted to make three or more, but I went to get something or other after that, so I didn't hear the rest of what she said. When I came back, three orders were on my board, for the one car. I asked her what was going on, and she said that the people had been complaining about "Well we only have three people!"

If I was on drive through at the time (and I wish I was), I would've just told them no. If they ask nicely, and they're the only ones in line, then sure. They're being polite about it, and they have a valid reason for why they should be able to, so there's no problem in that situation. When they start complaining, however, is when they get annoying. You are not the exception to our rules and policies. If you still want to make three orders, then do two, and drive around again. It's your waste of gas, which could be avoided if you stopped being so stubborn and just combined two orders into one. Really though, those people are fun. Of all the people I've seen get kicked out of drive through so far, their refusal to only make two orders has been the number one cause for such actions.

Moving on though, the rest of the night was pretty dead, up 'till 11, at which point we got hit with a decently sized 11:00 rush, where Glenda ended up having to come in from cleaning dining room to help, but once that was over, we were pretty much done. Well, except for Glenda's counts and stuff.

Now, I'm off for two days, then back on Thursday, from 9 to close. Nice.
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Twilight Princess Get :)

That worked out well. I woke up about 2:30 this afternoon, needing to go to the bathroom, but I knew that if I did, I'd very well be able to go back to sleep for quite a while longer, but I also needed to get out of bed at a decent time, so I just decided to get up then an there. At first I came downstairs to go on the computer, but then I realized EB Games might be getting the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess in today, so I opted instead to take the phone up to my room, and just play some more Castlevania on my DS. Finally, about 3:10, I managed to get through to them, and they did have a couple copies, so I rushed downstairs, and asked Mom if we'd be able to run out there. At first she didn't want to, seeing as she had to take Dad to work at 3:30, but I pointed out that even given that, we still had 20 minutes to go to EB Games, and Dad agreed, so we got into the van, and went out there.

$70 is what is cost me. I ended up digging into my Wii money for that, but I figure I would've ended up buying that game sooner or later anyways. I've played it right up to getting the fishing rod so far, and turned the Gamecube off in frustration at not knowing or being given any instruction on how to fish, but I looked at a guide on GameFAQs, and I think I know how to now.

Mark also called earlier, wanting to know if I wanted to work tonight. This is the first time he's called me, but I still told him no. Before that, I was contemplating getting Taco Bell for supper, but that's not going to happen now. I might order pizza, but whatever happens, I'm going to be doing it soon, because I'm starving right now. Then again, I haven't had anything to eat all day so far, so I suppose it makes sense :p

Oh, and I think I figured out where I want to go for supper tomorrow. Spiros. All the times we've gone there so far, the food's been excellent, and it's been some time since we've been anyways.

For now though, I'm off to attempt to catch a fish :x
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