December 13th, 2006

Good Night Turned Bad

... aka "It's Always too Good to be True". Around 6 the phone rang, but I let the answering machine pick it up. It was Josh, leaving a frantic message about how he really needed me to come in, because it was only him and Erin on or something. He told me to phone back, but I didn't even think about it 'till everyone else got home, at which point I told them what was going on, then phoned. It turned out to only be a 9 - close shift, which wasn't bad. A little while after I got there, I went out and started cleaning the dining room because we didn't have any orders, and as I was wiping down the pop machine, Josh told me that he wasn't able to get a present for me, then asked what time I'd be up tomorrow. I didn't have the heart to tell him "around 4 or 5 in the afternoon", so I didn't say anything. Then he went on, saying something about how I should be up for 12 tomorrow, because he'd take me out to lunch with his grandpa. Why?

I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but seriously, why? You feel sorry that you can't get someone a present for their birthday. Very much acceptable. When you decide to do something for me that I wouldn't normally have any involvement with, it becomes really awkward. Tomorrow was supposed to be my day to sleep in. I don't want to go out for lunch with him. The problem comes into play when you consider that there's no real polite way to tell him "no".

Yeah, I would normally be up at 12 on Wednesdays anyways to go to volunteering, but this is the first one in ages that I've actually had a reason to not go. Anyways, what is there to say? I would sleep in, but then he'd get after me about it when I saw him later in the day, and I really don't want to go, but what choice do I have?

Moving on though, after that, my mood went from pretty happy and energetic to just wanting to go back home. Of course, I couldn't. About 11:10, Jerome phoned to check with Josh about their plans for after work. Apparently they're out drinking or something right now. Josh ended up convincing him to come in and help for a bit though, which was really nice at the end of the night. We were out of there at 12:30, and if he hadn't come in, we probably would still be there right now.

I got home, expecting to just go on the computer for a bit then play Twilight Princess some more, but as I was out in the kitchen getting a glass of water, I noticed the piles of dishes, and it dawned on me that I still had to do them. This sucks. For right now though, I'm off to do those. There's probably a half hour's worth there, and I still have 'till at least 4 to play Twilight Princess after that, so I'd better get busy.
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It's Too Early!

This is not a good start to today. I should still be upstairs sleeping, but no, something always has to be going on. Take tomorrow for example. I'll probably end up going into Heart and Stroke, seeing as I do feel bad for just skipping out on it today, but even if I don't, we've still got to go grocery shopping. I have to work the following two days off after that. Although, Saturday this week I do have off, because it's the Christmas party, and I don't think I'm going to go. Just to finally have one day where I can sleep in for as long as I want.

I'm glad I don't work on Saturday either, because it's apparently Erin, Steve, and then just people coming down from Windsor :o They are going to be screwed. Seriously, whoever's in charge of the store hours and whatnot really needs to sit down with the managers / general managers, and discuss the option of having the choice to just close the store early in that sort of situation. Like last night. What if I'd said no? Well, actually, in that case, Jerome would've stayed to close, but he would've ended up working a 14 hour shift because of that, but my point still stands. Although it's extremely rare, there is always the chance that something will happen so that you're left with only one or two people to run the store, when you couldn't possibly do such a thing. It probably wouldn't get used once a month, let alone once a year, but as long as that option is still there in case of an emergency is what matters.

So anyways, I think I'm just going to sleep in on Saturday. If someone ends up stopping by the house (I can't help but think of Shelia) to find out why I'm not there, then I'll have no choice but to head out, but if I just get a call or something asking what's the matter, I can simply say that I was too tired. It's not as if anyone is really at liberty to get after me for not showing up either. I paid the $20, so the logical assumption is that I will be there, but it's not as if I can get in trouble for not going. Well, I can see getting yelled at about "So if you weren't planning on going, then why did you pay? You could've worked!", but provided that happens, we'll worry about it then.

5 minutes to go. At least according to the clock on this computer. I don't know where Josh plans on going for lunch, but it'd better just be Tim Hortons or something. I still would like to know why his grandpa's going to be there as well. That's the main thing I don't like. Is it his birthday as well or something? I hope I'm not going to be expected to tag along for the rest of the afternoon either. It seems on some sort of level that he thinks that, because I'm his friend, I share the exact same interests as him, and as such, I won't have a problem with him taking me out for lunch with his grandpa, but in truth, it's quite the opposite. I'm almost disturbed to think that he sees this as something I'd probably like, but, well, what can you do?

Anyways, it's 12 now, so I'm going to end this here. I know I am thinking of things in a worst-case-scenario point of view, so hopefully this won't go that badly.
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