December 14th, 2006

Overall, a Good Day

Oh wow. New journal update page layout. Can't say I'm a fan of the font in this textarea though. I prefer the old Courier New, and not whatever this is (I think it's Arial, but I'm not sure).

Anyways, today was a pretty good day on a whole. From when I woke up 'till about 11 at night, here's what went on.

I woke up around 11:30, so I went downstairs to go on the computer. Did some stuff on the internet, then played StepMania, after which is was about 12 noon. Josh was nowhere in sight, so I settled on watching some episodes of The Drew Carey Show. 15 minutes later, there was still no sign of him, so I started getting impatient. I decided that if he still hadn't shown up by 12:30, I was going to go back to bed. However, about 12:20 there was a knock on the door, and sure enough, it was him. When I opened it, he said something about how he tried phoning his grandpa, but there was no answer, so I figured "Alright. It'll just be us two then. Fine with me." I asked him if he wanted me to go upstairs and get his DS (as he gave it to me last night after work so I could charge it for him, because he lost his charger), and he said no, so I just ran up to get my keys, and we were off. Just as soon as we'd reached the sidewalk, he said that he had better hurry, as we had to get to wherever we were going in 10 minutes, when it would normally take us 20. Given the amount of time, I figured we were going to Taco Bell for lunch. My thoughts at the time were that it seemed a bit clichéd, seeing as we both work there, but given the other options that were running through my head, it wasn't bad at all.

So we started walking, and I quickly found myself wishing I'd brought my PSP along. Oh well. Once we reached Taco Bell though, we glanced inside and noticed that it was busy, but we kept on walking. Obviously we weren't going there for lunch. As it turns out, he'd planned on going to Wendys, but once we got there, we looked inside and couldn't see his grandpa anywhere. Of course, seeing as the person we were supposed to be eating lunch with wasn't there, we had to go to the apartment he lives in. As it turns out, he had gone to get lunch at Wendys, but after not seeing us there, just took his food back home. We ended up going up to visit with him for a bit, then around 1, continued on our way. While we were waiting for the elevator, Josh asked me where I wanted to go, because there wasn't really any point in going to Wendys, what with his grandpa having gone already. I couldn't think of any place better though, so I said that would be fine, but then lo and behold, he decides that we were going to go to Andy's Place instead. Never been there before now, but it wasn't too bad. One of the waitresses was really rude though. A customer asked them if they'd be able to get more sauce for their panzerotti, and the waitress said that she would have to charge them. Then the customer goes on to say something about not getting that much in the first place, whereupon the waitress walked back behind the counter.

She and another employee there came up about 5 minutes later, and we heard the one say "Either you pay for it yourself, or get her to pay for it!" No, I don't work there, so it's really not my place to say, but seriously, it's sauce. I'm sure they throw out more than enough of it each and every day to be able to give that customer some more. Anyways though, our food was alright. Josh got some Grilled Western thing, and I just got a Cheeseburger. After we were finished there, we ran across the street to Shoppers Drug Mart so Josh could pick up Neo-Citron or something, and then from there, to Taco Bell, so he could find out when he had to work tomorrow. Something annoying happened there. Earl made a comment about how 5 (!) more people had called in sick with the flu, then asked us if we'd be able to come in. Josh told him that we couldn't because it was my birthday and such, then Earl interrupts him with "Yes, I know, but if you guys could just come in for supper then leave, it'd really help." That's about all that happened in that direction though, because Josh looked over and noticed Sarah at the table in the corner, so we went to talk to her. Then, just before we left, he had Earl get him a cup of Bunn water so he could make up a packet of the stuff he got at Shoppers.

I also saw who I'm assuming is our new district manager there. His name's Mike, and he seems like a pretty cool guy, although it's a good thing I work nights, and don't have to see him, because it's always a bad situation where you have to be in direct contact with someone like that. I think they fixed the door on the cabinet at the back though. For the longest time, the top one's been staying open because it's missing a magnet, but from what I saw when we were in there today, they were fixing that up.

Anyways, after we finished there, we continued on our way home, but stopped by the comic shop that's sort of near Harveys. According to Josh, there's some Battlestar Galactica comics that he and Rob really want, so he wanted to see if that place had them. They didn't, as they're only available through special order, but Josh put his name in, and let Rob know about that as well, so it looks like they'll be getting what they're after. Finally, once we were finished there, we went straight home.

First thing I did was went up to the bathroom, because I'd needed to ever since a couple steps after leaving Taco Bell, then I grabbed Twilight Princess, and went back on the computer again to play StepMania, because Josh was playing F.E.A.R. on Adam's 360. He must've got bored with that awful quick though, because next thing I know, he rolls the chair up beside the computer and starts watching me. I told him that if he was bored, I was just finishing the song I was doing, then I was going out to play Twilight Princess. He said "Good. I want to see it" :p

We played that for quite a bit, and managed to make it just up to getting into Hyrule Field before we had to leave for supper. At that point, it was a couple minutes after 6.

Off we went to Spiros, and for the first part of our meal, me, Adam, and Josh just played some Elite Beat Agents. They don't actually have the game, so we were kind of limited in the songs we could choose from, but whatever. When the waitress came to take our orders, I didn't have the nerve to ask if they were still serving breakfast, so I ended up getting another hamburger :x Once we finished there, we went up to Walmart, because Adam had been singing part of Weird Al's "Don't Download this Song" while we were in Spiros, and Josh told him that he should just go out and buy the CD. We spent a good 20 minutes in there, then went back to Shoppers again to load up on pop. Between the three of us, we bought nine cases :o Josh got 4, I got 3, and Adam got 2. We saw Megan (someone that used to work at Taco Bell) there, working at one of the tills, so Josh got to chatting with her while the rest of us paid, then we went back to the house. It was about 8:30 at that time.

At the house, Josh sat down in the living room to watch one of the DVDs he got at Wal-Mart, while I just went back on the computer again. We gave him a ride home around 10:30, and that leads us up to right now, pretty much.

So overall, a decent day, but if I had a choice, I still would've slept in later. I got a jacket sort of thing from Mark's Work Wearhouse, which I have a feeling is a cheap shot on the fact that I hardly, if ever wear any sort of jacket or coat.

Tomorrow's probably going to be bad though, seeing as I'm going to be up for 12, in order to go to Heart and Stroke, then after that, we're going grocery shopping, so once those two things are finished with, I'll probably have only one or two hours in which to do what I want.

For now though, I'm going upstairs. I know I could still stay down here for another couple hours, but I am sort of drowsy, and I want to try to get further on Castlevania, so what better place to play that is there than snug in my bed? :p
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It Never Fails...

Josh just phoned. I could hear all sorts of noise in the background, so it was obvious he was at work. Apparently Earl wants me to come in early (but if that's the case, then why didn't he phone?), so I asked when he wanted me to come in, and Josh said "immediately". I had no plans to go in that early, so I just told him we were still waiting on supper. I figure I'll probably head in around 8. If they don't like that, screw them. If I wanted to, I could wait all the way up 'till 9, but I'm not going to. So tonight's seemingly going to be bad then. Great. I don't know how many people called in sick today, but if I can get by on calling in sick two days and then being right back at it, there's no reason anyone else can't.

Anyways though, today was my last day at Heart and Stroke. At least until January 8th, that is :p Michele told me I didn't need to bother coming in next week, because she's already going to have plenty of people in, and she doesn't really have anything for me to do anyways, so it works for me. As for today, I finished up a couple things in the volunteer information binder, started on P2P receipting (assigned and distributed the receipts for Bothwell, Zone 7 in Chatham, and Zone 1 in Wallaceburg), and also finished the letter "v" for data cleansing. Not bad for only 3 hours' work.

After I finished there, we went up to get groceries, then to EB Games to get Kirby Squeak Squad. They actually had 4 PS3s there, but no Wiis, sadly. Then we came back home and I played Twilight Princess some more. Just up to having gotten Kakariko Village back to normal so far.

For now though, I'm going to get ready for work. Mom and Naomi took off with the van about half an hour ago, and I don't know how long they'll be, but I might as well be ready for whenever they get back.
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