December 15th, 2006

Could've been Worse, I Guess...

That was a decent night all around. As per the usual, it had it's good and bad points, so here's what went on.

First of all, walked in to pretty much nothing done. That was a couple minutes after 8, so Josh told me to clock in, and choose something to do. At first I thought he was giving me the chance to choose my own position for the night, but he was just referring to looking at what needed to be done, and doing whatever I wanted first.

I started with the fry dump, then bagged pans for line, then rotated torts, and went up on line to actually bag the stuff after that. I got about halfway into bagging hot line before an order came, and I didn't want to make it, so I grabbed the h-bars that we weren't using anymore since line had been condensed, and took them to the back. Markie was on her way up at the time as well, so she made the order, and once it was done, I continued bagging line. Finished doing that, and more orders came, but I figured "Well, aside from the dishes, the important stuff is done now" so I made that order, which turned into several more.

Finally, at 9, Ange walked in. From what I understand, she already worked today, but she agreed to come back in to help us close. First she helped expedite, then ended up taking over steaming while I was at the back getting something, so when I went back up, I took a look at the boards, and there weren't too many orders, so I asked her if she was alright, because if she was, I'd go back to get a start on the dishes. She didn't have a problem with that, but unfortunately, I kept getting interrupted to take front cash, or steam for a bit so she could go to the bathroom or whatever.

Eventually she said that she was going out for a smoke, and that when she got back, I could keep working on the dishes, and she'd try her hardest not to bother me. She still did, although only twice, and that was to take front cash, and to drop fries, so I didn't have a problem with that.

Skip ahead to about 10:30, and Jerome came back, and asked me if I wanted cinnamon sticks. At first I didn't know what he was talking about. I thought he was referring to some customer in drive through (seeing as that's what he was on) asking for cinnamon sticks, instead of cinnamon twists. Believe me, it's happened before. People call them all kinds of things, from crisps, to sticks, to swirls... you'd be amazed :p During one shift a while back, we had a guy come through and ask for "that thing that's shaped like a stop sign". He wanted a crunchwrap, but apparently didn't know that's what it was called.

Anyways, it turns out Jerome was asking me if I wanted cinnamon sticks from Dominos, seeing as we were doing a food swap. Those are sweet, provided you arrange them with a place that has good food. Technically, we're not supposed to do them at all, but Josh, Ange, and Jerome put the food we gave Dominos on their manager meals, so it's not as if we gave the food away for free, and we still did everything else expected of us tonight, so it's not like the morning people can use it as an excuse for there being nothing done.

I told him that sounded good, and continued on the dishes. About 10 minutes later, I finished what I thought was the final one, only to turn around and find two greasy things on top of the garbage. It was just a matter of scrubbing them with soap though. By that time, our food had arrived as well, so I quickly put the dishes away, and went out to the dining room to sit down. It was perfect timing too, seeing as it was just a couple minutes after 11, and thus, the dining room was closed.

We ate our food, and took turns making the orders as they came in, which worked for about an hour, until Ange said she was feeling really sick. Too sick to even work. She went home, and at that point, it seemed like it was me, Jerome, and Steve for the rest of the night. We could've done it, but it would've taken us much longer to get out of there. Thankfully, Manoah agreed to come in, which was good in more ways than one. Not only did it give us another person to help at the end of the night, but also, Jerome was the only one with a vehicle to go pick Manoah up, so he ended up leaving me in charge while he was gone. Nothing really exciting, but it was still fun. The first thing I did was went back and turned the radio up a bit, as it was way too quiet up 'till that point.

Steve ended up having to take his headset off for a bit, but I told him to just keep it on, and to tell anyone that happened to pull into the drive through to just drive right up to the window, and that I'd take their order there. Only one guy came during that time, but it was still interesting having to take his entire order, then his cash, give him his pop, then wash my hands and run down and make the food. Steve came back right after I handed his pop out though, and had another car, so that ruined that fun. Right about then, the phone rung as well, and at first, I thought it was Ange calling. Turned out to be Amy though, wanting to know if she had to work tomorrow. I ran back to check the schedule, let her know what time she started, then went back to making food. Shortly after that, Jerome and Manoah arrived, whereupon Manoah promptly took over line, so I could go back to do up a tray of sour cream, and to deckscrub.

Interestingly enough, it took me 'till quarter to 3 to finish that, seeing as I kept getting sidetracked, and had to help Steve with his orders. He's got a really bad habit right now of telling whoever's at the speaker to just drive up to the window if he can't hear them. I've yet to see him ask them to repeat themselves. Meh. I'm sure he'll learn eventually.

Also, I know I've said something about it before, but once again, how hard is it to understand the "Two orders per car" rule? Three people came through in a car, and wanted three separate orders. Steve told them they had to limit it to two, but they weren't getting the point, so he had them pull up to the window. I tried explaining it to them there, but they just didn't get the point. Eventually, I made up something about how the till would only allow two orders to be taken at a time, so if they really wanted three, they could make two, then pull back to the speaker to make their third, but then they clued in that they could combine two of their orders into one. What's more, one of the orders was just a large fry. That's it. Oh, and ketchup to go with it, but we don't charge for that. Yeah :\

So anyways, 2:50 finally rolled around, so Manoah and Jerome decided they were going out for a smoke. I waited 'till 2:59, then went back and told Steve to turn off his headset. After that, we all did our separate things in terms of cleaning to store up, but we still didn't get out of there 'till 4. Oh, and you should've heard Manoah go on about the order.

"We're not putting it away. Shelia left a note in the managers' log about it!" He's not a manager. What business does he have a) looking through the managers' log (which regular employees are not supposed to look at) and b) saying stuff and expecting us to listen to what he says. At the end of the night, he started sweeping, and told me to fill up the mop bucket and mop behind him, but I opted instead to take the garbage out first. We can't very well do a complete sweep and mop with garbage on the floor.

Heh. You should've heard him while we were having a little argument. He picked up his hat, looked dead at me, and said "I have sorority." I told him he meant "authority" but he was quite convinced that he knew what he was talking about. Then he walks back to see me and Jerome putting the fries away, and asks what we're doing. I told him we were putting the fries away because they'd thaw out if we didn't. He replied to that with "Well, if they thaw out, then we'll refreeze them." I told him I was amazed with his logic, and I got "That's because I'm smart". I couldn't think of anything else to say that wouldn't get him really mad at me though.

Oh, and while I think of it, Ange was also getting after me for not emailing her anything about "Crystal" yet. I told her I would sometime soon, and really, I should, seeing as if I don't she won't stop bothering me about it, but I just can't help but feel pressured into saying anything. Although after tonight, there's a good chance we won't see her there again (no, it doesn't have anything to do with her going home sick), so it could very well be easier to tell her, and not have to worry about seeing her in person again.

Now, just on a random note, we also have a new sink and toilet at the back there. Now taking bets on how long it is 'till either of those get wrecked :x

The new schedule was up as well though, so right now, here's what I'm working. I close tomorrow, then I have Saturday off, then I'm back from 7 to close from Sunday through Tuesday, I'm off on Wednesday, back on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, then in for an early close on Sunday. We close at 7 that night, seeing as it is Christmas Eve. Pity I'll be missing the Carols by Candlelight thing at the church this year, but as long as I still get to go with everyone else to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's house, it's all good.

With that though, I'm off to bed. Or at least up to my room. The 5 minutes of Kirby Squeak Squad that I played so far was good, so it'll be fun to see what the rest of the game is like.
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It's not Busted, but...

I still don't know why that happens. No matter what, if I set my alarm clock, make sure it's turned on, and don't bother turning the whole clock so that it's facing away from me before I go to sleep, it won't go off whenever I set it for. The only possible explanations I can think of are that either Dad is somehow turning it off when he gets up in the morning, or I'm turning it off and not realizing it when I take a glance to see what time it is. I had it set for 4 this afternoon, but it wasn't until quarter after that I actually woke up.

The longer rest was well worth it though. I still don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, but I figure that if I do end up not going, I'll just take the opportunity to sleep for as long as I want. See, it's Taco Bell's Christmas party tomorrow, and like I said before, I'd go, but I just can't help but think of how things went last year. I went, but all I really did was ate. The interesting thing was that on the sign-up sheet at the back of the store, Josh had penned in a little note about how it was $20, or $10 if you were just going for the dance. I couldn't help but wonder at the time why they weren't providing an option for people that were just going to eat.

That's really the main reason I'm not going either. I'm not really one for parties, and I've got no one to go with (well, no one that would be "acceptable" to everyone else there), so there's really no point in it. So yeah, I'll probably just sleep tomorrow. If anyone happens to call to find out where I am, I dunno... I'll probably just say I'm not feeling well. There's no reason I couldn't just tell them I paid to have the night off, but that'd invite more trouble than it'd be worth.

Anyways, it sounds like Adam's home now, so I'm heading out to play Twilight Princess.