December 23rd, 2006

Good for a Friday, but Bad in General

Let's see. To put it simply, tonight sucked. Not the entire night, but most of it. From getting there to leaving, here's what went on.

Walked in a couple minutes before 9, went to the back to see what dishes were like, and was pleasantly surprised to find John working on them. Normally they're just sitting wherever in a big pile when I walk in. Ange promptly came back though, and said that my name was on the drive through till. I asked who put it on, and what did I get told?

"Oh, Shelia did before you got here." It's only happened twice so far, but it has to stop. Although I don't really like it, I don't mind getting put on drive through, but you cannot put someone's name on the till when they haven't even started their shift. I know why she did it though, and it's because she wanted to have all the supper tills counted off before she left, so at least she's showing some initiative (either willingly or by force) when it comes to actually having some things done for the closers.

Still though, that was all she did. Hot line wasn't condensed, the dishes (I'm assuming) hadn't been touched until John started working on them, the fry dump was still "together", pans for line weren't bagged, and the rest of the store was a mess.

Of course, I didn't have the opportunity to do any of those things, because I had to go on drive through. I put a headset on, and after having nonstop orders for a good half hour, I realized I wasn't going to be able to get back to the dishes anytime soon, so after I took one person's cash, I ran back and grabbed six pans, and a bunch of bags, and bagged the pans for cold line. Then I did the 8 for hot line. Ange ended up bagging hot line by herself, so I managed to bag cold, which was a bit difficult, seeing as Steve and Steph were busy making orders as well.

From then 'till about 11, the orders were pretty steady, and to make things worse, John ended up being on front cash. He didn't know the doors had to be locked at 11 regardless of whether people were still in the dining room or not though, so he left them open. It wasn't until about quarter after that I noticed people were still in line out there, so I went out to check the door, and lo, it was open. Locked it, then went back inside and told him that when he was on front cash, the doors had to be locked at 11, and if there were still people in the dining room, to let them know when they needed to be let out. I think he's got it now, but there's no way to tell until next time he's on front cash.

While I was away from drive through though, I asked Ange if it was alright if me and Steve switched at 1, and she told me to ask him, so I did. He didn't seem to have a problem with that plan, although there was a slight edge of "I really don't want to" in his voice.

From then 'till 1, we ended up getting some pretty big orders, and I do have the receipts, so here they are:

1 Q-CHIK  COMBO        5.49
    UP SUP              .99
1 KIDSMEAL             3.59
    SOUR                .50
    CO 7 UP
1 COMBO #3             5.19
  2 SOFT
  3 SOUR               1.50
1 GCHK SUP             2.89
1 CCBURITO             1.79
    SOUR                .50
1 CARM EMP              .99
             GST       1.41
             SBTL     24.84
             PST       1.87
             TOTL     26.71
             DBIT     26.71
1 COMBO #3             5.19
  2 SOFT
    CO 7 UP
1 FRY SUP              2.49
    NACHO   CHEESE      .50
    MEAT                .80
    SOUR                .50
    NO TOM
1 SOFTTACO             1.19
1 FIESTPOT             1.49
2 CCBURITO             3.58
1 NACHSUP              2.29
1 SM PEPPR             1.59
             GST       1.18
             SBTL     20.80
             PST       1.44
             TOTL     22.24
             CASH     50.00
             CHNG     27.63
3 CRCHWRAP             9.87
  3 NO TOM
1 CHICKBUR             3.69
    NO TOM
2 SM DIET              3.18
2 SM PEPSI             3.18
1 BURSUP               2.49
    SOUR                .50
             GST       1.37
             SBTL     24.28
             PST       1.83
             TOTL     26.11
             DBIT     26.11
3 FRY SUP              7.47
3 COMBO #3            15.57
  6 SOFT
2 CCHK SUP             5.78
20 HOT
             GST       1.73
             SBTL     30.55
             PST       2.31
             TOTL     32.86
             CASH     32.00
             CASH       .86
             CHNG       .00

I didn't take the last one though. It was just sitting on the counter along with a little notebook, which contained directions on how to delete an order. Apparently that's something regular employees aren't supposed to know either (and for obvious reasons), so I found it funny that it was just left laying out in the open :p

So anyways, at 1, Steve took the headset I was wearing, and I got on line, expecting to be stuffing. As it turned out though, Ange had to show Steph how to do the counts, because she's training to become a weekend manager, so that left me and John on line, and Steve to handle drive through.

Skip ahead to 2:30, and Ange came back in, and told me and John to go out and take a 15 minute break, and if it wasn't really busy at the end of the 15 minutes, to just take our full half hour. That ended up working in our favor, so at 3, we went back inside. John got back on line, and I took over drive through for Steve so he could go on his break.

The bar rush ended about 3:20, so we all took one final break before getting things cleaned up for the night. I did hot line, rotated torts, then helped John finish the dishes.

He ended up giving me a ride home, which was nice, but I don't think it's going to happen too often. He's a smoker, and let's just say he was all the way home :\

By far the most frustrating part of the night was around 10 though. The boards were filled with orders, half of which were at or nearing 10 minutes, people were brining up food but not dropping any more, Ange, Steph, and John were attempting to hold down line, and I was stuck in drive through. On a whole though, it was actually better than the past few Friday nights we've had. That really is stretching things though.

I don't know who's all on tomorrow, but it's at least me, Ange, and John. Shelia had better not pull her stunt with the drive through till again either.

Anyways, it's already after 7, so I'm just gonna go to bed for now. I need to stop writing about work first, because when I do, I know there's other stuff that I wanted to say something about when I started, but I can't remember whatever the subjects are. Very frustrating.
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