December 29th, 2006

Thank God for Having Three Days off Before This

To begin, let me say I feel sorry for each and every person that ordered an item with chili after, say, 9:30 tonight. And believe me, there were quite a few. We ran out around 9, so I told Steve, who was on drive through, that we were out until we had a chance to make some more up, and around quarter after, things died down, so I took the opportunity to clean line up, as well as to make some chili. The first thing I noticed out of the ordinary with it was that when I poured the water into the pan, it filled it up almost to the top, which doesn't normally happen. I didn't think much of it though, because I figured I might've just poured too much water into the jug or something. Skip ahead to 9:30, and we got an order that included two chili cheese fries. I didn't have enough beef on line at the time, so I settled for putting some of the chili mix on the fries, then beef on top of that, and then nacho cheese to finish it off. It seemed oddly runny, but once again, I dismissed it as just having too much water. Skip way ahead to about 11, and it finally dawned on me that the box I grabbed the sauce packet from was labelled "Red Chili Sauce Rev. 1" or something to that effect. Really puzzles me that they'd include the revision number on the box, but whatever.

At first glance, that seems well and good though, because "chili" is in the name, but unfortunately, that box contained the actual red sauce mix, which is used for bean burritos, steak, chicken, and regular burrito supremes, and so on. So in other words, we were putting beef in red sauce, and using it as chili all night :x I didn't think much of it at first though, because it still looked like the proper stuff does. The one problem was that it was really runny, but I figured that was because there wasn't alot of beef in it. It wasn't 'till the end of the night, where I was actually tying the bag up to throw it in the garbage, did I notice it smelled really strange, and made the headache that I was getting even worse. Nice.

Tonight was just bad altogether though. Walked in, and Ange is right in my face telling me to start right away, and that she'd clock me in later, so I quickly go to the back, to check the schedule there, and Earl's standing there, getting ready to leave, and tells me the exact same thing Ange did. So I walk up on line, and find that mini's still up and running. The people that were up there said things about how it had been crazy all night. I didn't believe them until Jerome checked the sales. Apparently, from 7 to 8, they had 85 customers (:o), BUT they only brought in ~$300. Really strange.

The night before last was apparently pretty bad as well though. Don't know the details, but on the opening report, the first sentence written was "The worst close in a long time". That came from Karry, who's been there for a pretty long time now, so it must've been bad. Really makes me glad they didn't try to call me in either of those nights :p

Getting back to tonight though, Larry, who was on mini, finished up the orders that were on the boards, and promptly left, because he was done, so I told Andrew (a new guy) to bring everything over from mini, and dump it on line, so we could start getting things cleaned up. That wasn't too bad, really. It took us 'till about 11 to get everything done (line bagged and torts rotated, mostly), but given the state the store was in, we did a pretty good job.

So for the rest of the night, me and Andrew were on line, Steve was on drive through, and Jerome was off doing God knows what. We didn't get really busy 'till bar rush, which lasted from about 2:15 to 3.

Once we were closed, Jerome guided Andrew through taking down cold line, as I was off getting my PSP ready, and when I came back, he was done that, so I had him do several other things while I cleaned the grill and did hot line. Had him wipe down line, restock everything, clean up the fry dump, clean the tables in the middle, then Jerome had him mop the floor.

We got out of there at 4, which I can't complain about. One good thing about tonight was that we didn't see the delivery truck at all, presumably because we got a hell of a lot of stock last week, and we didn't need anything this time. Good thing too, really.

Oh, and my new shoes hurt. Like Steve pointed out, it'll probably take a couple days for me to break them in, but they hurt. The black socks I got for Christmas are way too thin as well. And I'm also going to bed. I don't have to be to work 'till 9 tomorrow night (which is going to be interesting, seeing as it's me, Ange, Josh, Steve, and John closing), but my headache's still pretty bad, and I'm tired as well :s

One other good thing to note though is that I only work 'till 9 this Sunday (it's New Years' Eve, and we close at 9), so I don't actually have to stay to close, and I have at least two days off after that. Nice :)
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PSP Frustrations

Almost 6:00. Bleh. I really want to get up to EB Games sometime in the near future to pick up a guide for Twilight Princess, because I'm absolutely stuck at the dungeon in the Snowpeak area. I found the pumpkin, and got the map marker for the second key position, but try as I might, I can't figure out how to get to it. The only thing I can think of is that in the room where you basically only have small beams covered in ice to walk across (right after the first room where you use the cannon), there's a Clawshot target on the second level or something, but if there is, I haven't been able to find it. Well, either that, or there's some way to beat the monster that "breathes" ice at you, but I'd assume you have to use the cannon for that, and without the metal ball, the cannon is useless.

Thinking about it though, provided things work out, we get our pay stubs this Tuesday coming up, yes? Now, while I don't actually work on Tuesday, there's nothing stopping me from just dropping by to pick it up, so I could do that, just to find out how much I would be paid on Thursday. From there, we could go to the bank right across the street from Taco Bell, where I could get gas money for Mom and Dad, as well as, oh, $50 after that. Then we could head out to EB Games to get the guide, and if they didn't have it, over to Wal-Mart, because last time we were there, I saw it. If they don't have it either, well, I suppose I'll just have to work through it as well as I can with a guide on the computer :p Rather funny, when you consider that before I had a somewhat steady source of income, I preferred to use guides from the internet, as I didn't have the money to go out and buy them. Of course, that's also because the Gamecube's in a different room than the computer, and although I'd really like the ability to have it hooked up to the computer itself, I don't know how to :\

Anyways, before heading home, we could also run by Staples, so I could pick up a USB floppy drive, then all those loose ends would be tied up. Really, it'd make quite a bit more sense to just pick up my pay stub whenever I have to work after Tuesday, then go out, buy the floppy drive, and wait 'till Thursday to find a guide for Twilight Princess, seeing as I'm going grocery shopping this week, and we're going to be right out by there anyways.

So, today's been pretty boring once again. Spent a good hour trying to figure out how to get CIntro working on my PSP, and I finally did. Had a pretty cool gameboot set up, but no matter what I did, it started up, played the movie, but then didn't do anything else. Thank God for recovery mode :3 Strange thing was the only entry in the startup .ini file was "xmb", which is supposed to, once the gameboot movie plays, go straight to the PSP's XMB, but nothing. I was tempted to try replacing it with the entry to load IRShell, but that would've been more inconvenient than anything. As well, if IRShell's loading right from a cold boot, then you would think that exiting to the XMB would be impossible, because it never actually loaded. Then again, IRShell does have the option to load the XMB, but that also retains IRShell in memory, so you can switch between the two using L + Select, so chances are you wouldn't be able to do as much as normal, due to lack of memory. Meh. CIntro's all uninstalled now, so there's no longer any worry there.

Anyways, I've got enough to do before I have to leave for work, so this is done for now.