January 2nd, 2007


Holy wow :D :D :D Just got out of bed, and everyone's here (Uncle Brent, Aunt Carol, and someone else, who I'm assuming is our Aunt Helen). Said hi, then got on the computer, and went about my usual routine (as in checking various sites for updates and whatnot). Then Dad comes in out of nowhere, and tells me that Naomi might need my expertise in terms of computers, and at first, I thought she went to him about the batch script I made that keeps running when she starts her computer up, and he wants me to fix it, but then I asked why, and he just casually says "Oh, your money came today." Asked him where it is, and he said it's upstairs right now, and everyone's just left (he went to work, Mom went to Curves, and the rest of them went somewhere else), so there's no possibility of getting it right away, but I could care less :D

But seriously, Mom's gone for probably an hour and a half, so I still want to and should have time to get to the bank and then to Staples for a USB floppy drive, but I'm not going to bother with EB Games today. We're going to be going right out there this Thursday for grocery shopping, so I might as well go there then.

God. I don't know what it is, but I'm suddenly really jittery. Either it's the excitement of knowing our money is here, or it's because I literally just drank a can of orange pop :x Probably both :p

So, got a couple hours right now before we're heading out for supper as well. Nice. Before now, I was planning on getting either Taco Bell or Wendys, but I've had enough fast food throughout the rest of the week so far, and it just doesn't make sense to turn down a free meal.

For now though, I'm going to take my giddy self and compile a list of stuff that I'd like to get now that our money came.
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