January 4th, 2007

As Promised...

So where to start... Although I'm slightly uncomfortable in this position, this is nice. I'm currently upstairs in my room, simply waiting on getting tired enough to go to sleep. Have my PSP headphones plugged in so Dad doesn't come in and start complaining about how loud whatever I'm listening to is as well. The light coming off of this thing is nothing to sneeze at though :p

Anyways, work tonight was bad. At least as far as the standards of your first shift after having a couple days off goes. Walked in, and nothing was done, except for most of the dishes, so I went back, glanced at the schedule, then wandered between the front and the back for a bit, then went up to the front, and waited for the till to say 19:00, so I could clock in. Ange was on line at the time, and she told me to clock in early, so I did, then went and started one of the thermalizers running through, so all the floating junk would be drained from it. Then Ange came back, and asked me if I could take over steaming for a little while, and I saw no reason to say no.

I quickly went to the back though, to check the handwashing sheet, to see who was closing, and found that Ange was there 'till 12, and after that, me, Glenda, and Andrew would be there to close the store. Everyone was there at the time, so the first order of business was figuring out who would be on what. I kept my mouth shut when drive through was brought up, but thinking about it now, it would've been stupid of them to put me on it, because Glenda and Andrew don't know how to steam. Glenda knows some of it, but not enough to be on it for the entire night.

As things ended up, Andrew got put on drive through for all but the last hour of the night, I was on line by myself, except for when we got busy, Josh (not the manager) was on front cash, and only there 'till 11, and as for Glenda and Ange, they were off doing whatever needed to be done.

We got frustratingly busy around 9 though. Had probably 15 people in the dining room alone, and I'm not sure what drive through was like, seeing as I wasn't on it. Thankfully, the orders were small. It was just the volume of them. Apparently they didn't get a supper rush tonight though, so there's a good chance that's what that was :\

From about 10 on, things were pretty slow. It was at the end of the night that one of the funny things happened. We closed at 12 (obviously), and we were out of there about quarter to 1. In the 45 minutes between then and 12, at least 8 people pulled in, thinking we were still open :D Several people didn't get it though. I had to tell one guy three times that we were closed before he finally clued in, and the first thing he said when he figured it out was "Are you guys still open?" :x Some people...

Anyways, there's apparently supposed to be an order coming some time tonight, hopefully containing more cups and boxes for fries / nachos supreme, because we ran out of both tonight. I don't see why they'd do that, because the order's still coming Thursday night, and we should get what we need then. Shelia stopped in earlier tonight though, and made a comment that while Alain's away right now, she's the one that's preparing the order instead of him, and as such, we shouldn't get too angry at her if things don't go as well as they did before. Whatever.

Oh, and one other note involving work: Heletia's been fired. Don't know the specific reason, but I can somewhat confidently say it has to do with Earl not knowing all the facts before hiring her. Like I said before though, she was annoying to work with, so I'm not too concerned about it.

So anyways, I really should be getting to bed right now. Well, technically I'm in bed. I just need to turn this thing off, and close my eyes so I can fall asleep :p We're going grocery shopping around 1 in the afternoon tomorrow, so I figure we'll go by the bank first, so I can get the money I owe Dad and Mom for this month (for gas, internet, and so on), then head out to get groceries, and on the way back, run by Staples (yet again) to pick up either a USB floppy drive (no, I haven't gotten one yet), or a 4GB memory stick for my PSP. The former's alot cheaper, and I have more immediate use for it than a(nother) memory stick, so I'll probably just get it, and leave it at that.

Like the lady I was talking to at the bank today said, the common attitude when you get alot of money is to say "OMG IVE GOT TO SPEND IT ON A PORCELAIN CAT" (well, probably not quite), and I'd prefer not to do that. Mom and Dad are apparently going on a cruise with their money, so that could end up being a cool time for all of us. Just so long as I have one of those days off from work, and they're gone for more than two, I'm happy. At first, plans were made that we were all going to go on a vacation, but I really see that as being a waste of money, and Adam's undecided (although he's made it clear that if I stay home, he's doing the same). Naomi, I don't know, but I can't picture her doing anything like that.

Anyways, it's going on 5 in the morning, so I really should be getting to sleep :s
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